Andrey Popov
Banana Papa ICO ICO
4,498.00 Soft Cap, ETH
8,996.00 Hard Cap, ETH
14 Apr, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)


Telegram: @bananapapa

Whitepaper(EN): READ

Token: BPCoin ($0,40)

SoftCap: 2 267 000 $

HardCap: 4 534 000 $

Total Token Supply: 11 335 000 BPCoin

ICO Date: April 14

About the project

Banana Papa - is a snack that is a sliced ripe banana, dried with warm air. The essence of the project is the organization of production of banana chips in Colombia with the subsequent sale of products to the markets of the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia. The product itself (hereinafter referred to as Banana Papa), made from the most common banana variety "Cavendish" (which we are accustomed to see on the shelves in supermarkets).


What is the problem solved by Banana Papa. Prospects of the market.


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 Banana is the best selling product in networks around the world. Our product is derived from a banana (the so-called dried fruit) and refers to snack products. The market for snacks in the world is $ 82,5 billion per year. According to Euromonitor International, the fastest segment in the market will be the segment of fruit snacks, 16% annually, over the next five years. There are several reasons for this: the first that the consumer is getting smarter, and the interest in health preservation will continue to fuel this market; the second is the growth of consumer interest in unknown and exotic types of snacks from dried and candied fruits. 

 Our project has a very large potential and we are highly scalable! If you send all the bananas grown in Colombia to drought, then within the limits of one country you can grow 300 times! And if you dry everything produced in the world, bananas, you can grow 12 000 times! 

The company's mission

 Creation of a useful, affordable and high-quality product that helps to satisfy hunger during a long trip, lecture or work, saving time on preparing dinner.


 We are going to hold an ICO and invite you to participate in it! We confirm our Token future product at its cost price! The cost of 1 pack of Banana Papa weighing 70gr (2,47oz) is 0,40 $! 1 our token is equal to the price of a pack Banana Papa in 70 gr (2,47oz) - this is $ 0,40! At retail, our product will cost $ 1,49, so our token gives you the opportunity to purchase goods at a discount of 73,15%! When paying for our tokens with KickCoin, you get an additional 5% discount! You can always request the goods for the token purchased from us from the moment of the release of the goods (approximately in 9 months, according to the business plan)! A total of $ 4 534 000 is required to build the production and we plan to issue an equivalent amount of tokens - this is 11 335 000 tokens! The production capacity makes it possible to produce 1 433 957 packs of 70 grams (2,47oz) of Banana Papa per month!

 1 ETH = 1260 BPCoin

 At the very beginning of this article you can see Whitepaper!

 Please visit our website, and read more about the business model!

 ICO will be held from April 14, 2018 to May 28, 2018!

 Friends, colleagues, like-minded people, together with you, we will change this world! Thanks to you this project will get a life! And this will make the whole world better!

Road map

January 2015 - Development of new equipment for production

November 2015 - Successful test sales of products

December 2015 - Development of a full-fledged business plan

January 2016 - The study of the legal field and the choice of a site in Colombia

April 2016 - Investors search

September 2016 - Getting preliminary agreements with investors

March 2017 - Participation in the Food Accelerator

September 2017 - preparation for ICO

April 2018 - Start of the ICO

July 2018 - Construction work

November 2018 - Installation and adjustment of equipment

January 2019 - Production of finished products

May 2019 - Entering new markets

June 2020 - Start of construction of the second cluster


We have an experienced and educated team!

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Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk
Faculty of Automation and Informatics, Electrical Equipment and Electricity of Enterprises, Organizations and Institutions, Engineer.
Lipetsk Metallurgical College
Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment, Techn.
The experience of creating a retail network from scratch, introducing new products to the market, developing and optimizing business processes, personnel management.

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Kyrgyz State Technical University
them. I. Razakova, Technology of storage and processing of grain, Engineer.
With distinction Kara-Baltinsky technical school of food industry, Technology of storage and processing of grain.
Work experience of 5 years as a technologist in the company № 1 in Russia for the production of snack products "KDV Group", at the plant of the brand "Three crusts" in Moscow.

e69bfd9a04db663.png a85aaceb2a00d1c.png ddfc836e5ebfb98.png

International University of Kyrgyzstan, International Economic Relations, Economist.
  The experience of bringing new products to the market, the head of the marketing and sales department at OOO LADO.
Deputy Director for General Issues, LLC "Kumpir" (workshop for the production of snacks).
Negotiating with counterparties. Work with complaints. Knowledge of the work of the warehouse, transport department. Purchase of raw materials.

46e3c0424486084.png 7375051606c2ad2.png 413e024c937b170.png

Postgraduate studies. Theme: energy saving in industrial electric drives.
International Institute of Computer Technologies, Electric Power Systems and Networks, Electrical Engineer.
With honors Lipetsk metallurgical college, Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment.
Specialist in setting up automation, designing equipment and power supply, connecting to electrical networks.

70e6b18f2105628.png 879a8dc1dd4057a.png 6e86f1b5705e324.png

Volgograd State Technical University, Technology and Biotechnology, Chemist.
 Faculty of Foreign Languages for Foreign Students. Department of the Russian language.
The Institute of Henao and Arroubles, in the city of Bogota. Chemical industry
Experience in opening a branch of the international company "BELLACOSMT S.A.S". The organization of sales in Colombia online store perfume and cosmetics. Experience as head of the control group for the city of Bogota in the Department of Environmental Protection (SDA). The native speaker is Spanish and Russian.


You can contact us at the following contacts:

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You can contact the project manager on the following contacts:

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