MindSports IO
MindSports IO - The Most Intelligent and Trusted Board Game Network ICO ICO
200.00 Soft Cap, ETH
2,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
05 Feb, 2018 - 06 Mar, 2018 Campaign Duration
2 006,58 ETH Raised
142 Backers
29 Duration, days
200.00 ETH Soft cap
2,000.00 ETH Hard Cap



Token Sale Overview

Website: https://www.mindsports.io 
Telegram: @mindsports 
Whitepaper: (English)
Token: MIND (1ETH = 10,000 MIND , 1 MIND = 0.0001 ETH)
Hard Cap: 2,000 ETH
Soft Cap: 200 ETH
Contribution Method: Exclusively on KICKICO by KICK, ETH
Total Crowdsale Supply: 20,000,000 MIND
Crowdsale Start Date: Feb 5th, 3pm (UTC)
Crowdsale End Date: Mar 6th, 3pm (UTC)
Bonus Schedule: 20% first 24 hours and decrease 5% every 24 hours.


About MindSports IO

710632ba6933842.png Powered by smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain, our decentralized players allows users to create, play and vote online rated board games such as Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go. The MindSports IO network will introduce a larger variety of board games than any traditional online platform. Every six months, token holders propose and vote for their favorite game to be built and deployed next on the network. Four games are expected to be rolled out by 2019.



Mind Sports players are finding ways to promote themselves and the game through the use of technology. ChessBrah via twitch.tv allows viewers to watch real-time streaming games, while prize funds for tournaments can be as much as $2,000,000 (USD). The live-stream of the World Chess Championship in 2016 received as much as ten million unique visitors. It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 online people playing at any time for chess alone with the audience reaching 2,000,000 viewers daily. 


According to an official International Olympics Committee (IOC) submission, more than six hundred million people play chess, a game that is over 1,500 years old. Chinese chess is played by two hundred million players according to BBC News, while the game of GO, invented 3,000 years ago, has sixty million players globally.


Trust is the most concerned reason why people are hesitant to play mind sports online for rewards. Players are suspicious of potential game manipulation such as stalling time, disconnecting, and cheating from opponents.

ca1a33536ac38e0.pngNeed for Trust in a Single-Party Platform.

Traditionally, tournaments and games are created by a centralized platform. A platform administrator has the capability to make decisions that put the organization's interests before the interests of the mind sports community. After speaking with individuals in different forums and various live tournaments, we realized people are hesitant to play mindsport tournaments online for monetary rewards due to a lack of trust. When players are betting with tokens or money with others, they must transmit funds to unknown parties. This opens both parties up to the risk of losing all tokens or money due to fraud or hackers. Furthermore, platform administrators may unexpectedly ban players or decline payment transfers for unknown reasons.

Platform Reliability

Most online gaming platforms operate using an intermediary to set up communication and ensure that everything works correctly. However, servers may unexpectedly shut down or get hacked.


Players are suspicious of potential game manipulation such as stalling time, disconnecting, and cheating from opponents.

Features & Token Usage


Technologies & Architecture

MIND Games DApp

  1. HTML5 Client
  2. IPFS : Decentralized Storage Layer
  3. Smart Contract : Decentralized Logic Layer
  4. Whisper : Messaging Layer



Anti-Cheating Layers

1. Intelligent Reputation Layer

Red flag potential cheaters based on player’s behavior and features like playing habits, game metrics, like time per move, rating and reputation change. Users can also stake their tokens to interact with our Reputation Engine by providing relevant metrics, indicator to help us improve our anti-cheating algorithm, to identify cheaters and get token reward accordingly.

2. Statistical Analysis Layer

Infer and calculate move-matching probability between chess engine and human players to identify potential chess engine gameplay manipulation.

3. Community Layer

Act as arbiter in case of dispute, where token holders can vote to resolve dispute and get rewarded with tokens and reputation rating when they identify cheaters.

c36eaba1a8cdbd6.pngMIND Community

MIND Community can stake their token and propose the development roadmap of the Network. Mind Token holders can propose every 6 months for the board games they would like MindSports IO team to build and deploy to the MindSports IO Network.




Project Roadmap and Deliverables


Phase 1 Concept and Prototype

Development Identified current problems in the mind sports landscape and addressed the issue by applying Ethereum technology to build MindSports IO prototype and whitepaper.

Phase 2 Alpha Testing 

Prototype release allows users to play Chess on our demo during the pre-sale. Token Holders can vote in Dec 2017 and decide the next mind games to be deployed next.

Phase 3 Beta Testing 

The initial release of MindSports IO. This beta release allows the community to beta test our platform’s features and plays Chess with MIND Token.

Phase 4 Official Release

The first production release of MindSports IO. Include Chess DApp release in Apr 2018 and second game release in Jun 2018.

Phase 5 Features Expansion

The next phase of MindSports IO is intended to provide a better gaming experience and API support for developers to design and deployment.

Phase 6 Plasma Integration

With plasma integration, moves verification can be done on-chain and more complex games can be introduced and deployed to MindSports IO Network.


The majority of our token proceeds will be allocated to the development of the MindSports IO platform. We would also like to highlight that a portion of the proceeds will go toward the promotion of MindSports IO tournaments. We believe this is necessary to jumpstart our platform and is also an opportunity get users to participate in the mind sports discussions and contribute to building up long-term value for the MIND Token.

The Team 






In The Press

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Website: https://www.mindsports.io
Whitepaper: https://www.mindsports.io/mindsports_whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindsportsio
Github https://github.com/mindsports
Medium: https://medium.com/mindsportsio