Павел Кривенко
500.00 Soft Cap, ETH
1,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
21 Mar, 2018 - 21 May, 2018 Campaign Duration (UTC)

Website of the project: http://q-base.club
The group in Telegramm: https://t.me/q_base


Welcome to the fundraising company for the Q-BASE project!

We are creating an international project platform! The Q-BASE project is designed for its participants to help each in their projects: both simple and complex.


The platform is a place where experts, specialists and participants of the platform will help in the work on your project: for free and for free.

Simultaneously - this is very important! - in the field in which you are a specialist or an expert, you can constantly provide other projects with paid services or assistance and support them on contractual terms.

Those, who decide to cooperate with Q-BASE, as recipients of services and other support, conclude a partnership agreement. You will get the services of authorized experts of Q-BASE at a discount of up to 70% + other bonuses and Q-BASE will receive a share in your project - however, a modest adequate share.
In addition to partnership, the "customer-performer" relationship is provided. You conclude a service agreement with Q-BASE and receive all necessary services at fair prices.

We also invite investors.

If you are an investor, we prepare for you a description of interesting and promising projects. At the moment, we already have more than 20 projects that we are preparing for coverage. For each site project that has been assessed by experts, a separate sub-domain is created: project_name.q.base.club with all the necessary tools for project development, communication of team members, interaction with experts, editing project documents and so on. Navigation on the functional blocks of the site is made as a graphic card. It is easy to navigate, exploring the possibilities of the project and the actual blocks for yourself.

Especially for the crowdsfunding company, we issued prizes for our investors. They are all completely different. Perhaps, some of them will be able to please you!


1. For Authors and Project Teams

I.    Development of the project
It does not matter at what stage your project is. If you do not know what to do next - you come to us. We carry out an examination of your project, after which if we decide to cooperate for you there are two options: to become our partner or remain our client.

II.    Advertising campaign, promotion in social. networks etc.
We will develop a strategy taking into account the budget, hold a consultation, and propose the necessary actions from A to Z.

III.    Assistance in raising funds for project development
If you need fundraising we will be able to determine how to raise the required amount and help you to do the whole way from the initial to the final point.

IV.    Project generation from scratch
           If you are provided with money without ideas, but you have desire to launch      your project we will come to the rescue. We will develop or offer a ready business project and assist in its implementation by the site's forces.

V.    Technical advice
           If you need technical calculations for equipment and production facilities, please contact us, we can help.

VI.    Recruiting services
           If you need freelance specialists, Q-BASE is at your service. If you are looking for team members, then in this we can help.

2. For Investors
We will help you to choose the best project from existing and developing at the moment on the Q-BASE platform. Some projects, on which work is going on - we refer to innovative ones and prepare them for launch.

3. For Buyers

For those who want to buy exclusive goods, we are preparing a store for the project Q-BASE.CLUB, in which everything is sold for QBT tokens.
They can be obtained on the internal exchange of services, assisting site participants in the work on projects.
For those who wish to purchase goods from our store for money, the exchanger of the project is at your service. There you can buy tokens of the site.

4. For manufacturers of interesting things that want to sell them

We are preparing for launch our store, where customers can be not only with your products, but also with your projects and relevant for you queries - texts, design, and all that you might need.

5. For freelancers and companies providing paid services

We created an exchange services site. On it you can earn, helping in the implementation of projects.

6. For those who wish to get a new specialization, learning on cases

People who want to expand their skills will be able to get free knowledge and skills, working in ongoing projects of q-base.club. Their training will be handled by site staff and freelance partners.

7. For creative people who need technical advice on "How to do it"

At Q-BASE platform there are technical specialists from different areas. If in your project you are faced with technical difficulty - how to implement this or that technical solution - the Q-BASE platform is at your service.


At the moment, Q-BASE stands on five pillars: a store, a service exchange, an exchanger, a club and a project area. Each of these blocks we constantly improve and develop. Here is their description:


The Shop

It is created as a place for selling and buying rare and beautiful things, which are difficult to find anywhere else.
We already exhibit our products in the store. But we will be glad to all the new Creators. After the conclusion of the contract, we will post also products of our partners.
Through the product in the store you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the manufacturer. To learn his mission and his super-task - for which the project was launched, what problems in the world he is called upon to solve. You can also get the information about the current needs of the manufacturer and open vacancies.
Since the store is connected to the services exchange, in the situation of shortage of funds for the purchase of goods, the buyer will always be able to participate as a performer, earning the missing amount.
Access to the store: http://www.marketplace.q-base.club


The Service Exchange

Serves two purposes, on the one hand – to provide a wide range of professionals to earn on services and, on the other hand, partners and site customers to obtain competent solutions to their problems or aims.
If the opportunities of the services exchange are relevant right now, you can connect to it. It is available and operates in beta mode.
Access to the exchange services: https://www.place.q-base.club


The Exchanger

It is designed to carry out a two-way exchange of the etherium crypto currency to q-base.club (QBT) tokens. In the future, as the project area of the site develops, tokens of other projects will appear in the exchanger. Access to the exchanger: http://www.exchange.q-base.club



The Club

It was created for two categories of participants: investors and customers. Investors will have the opportunity to work with the project, which they finance, through a personal cabinet. Customers will be able to receive services of all specialists, but at external prices of the site and without bonuses and preferences. Access to the club: http://www.q-base.club


The Project Area

Only for site partners. Here we will launch and develop new projects, create the entire infrastructure: a website, working tools, etc., organize online promotion and fundraising at crowdsfunding and ICO, assist in legal matters, document circulation, patenting.
For each project everything will be discussed individually.
Access to the project area: http://www.workspace.q-base.club


Unlike many other sites, the Q-BASE project has a number of advantages and advantages. We have identified the following:



Both the customer and the contractor will be protected from unfair cooperation. Similarly, this applies to the investor and the project team.
To do this we will use:
• Blockchain technology (choice of a typical smart contract option);
• the guarantee deposit is made by the parties and it is stored on the site before the delivery of the order;
• transfer of payment only after confirmation of the parties;
• arbitration Q-BASE, if there are disputed points.


Service Allocation

The authors of projects do not need to search for different specialists every time through the Internet. Most of the typical problems associated with the development of the project can be solved on the platform.


Service Quality

The exchange of services q-base.club has a system of feedback and ratings, allowing the customer to determine the level of performers and choose the most suitable.


InvestmentOn the site, you can invest in other people's projects, both by purchasing tokens, and using fiat money.



You can learn a new profession on real projects by choosing the specialist, whose portfolio of work was very much liked.


The Store of Rare Things

You can buy and sell exclusive products. And if you do not have enough money for the product you like, you can earn money on the platform.


Technical Support

Possibility to receive technical advice and recommendations of experts on your questions.


The Road Map

Since our site will consist of five blocks, we decided to make each block a separate project and run them consistently. Taking everyone out to the crowfund will give us the opportunity to raise funds for the launch of the block.
This will allow us to collect the amount of funds needed to start the entire platform in stages. We will expose the bar and include the pad blocks, without waiting for the general launch of the Q-BASE platform.



Now we are raising funds to start the first unit and are working on the first range of our products. We already have something to offer. As we raise funds we will bring the Q-BASE Store to the intended form.


How can you participate?

1. You can help us in the work on the project. If you decide to participate, let me know in the comments or write to the mail: [email protected]
2. You can buy from us QBT tokens in our exchanger.
3. You can participate in the crowdsfunding company and support the project through the purchase of your favorite prize items.
4. You can become our client or partner.


How to become a partner?

1. Become a seller of unique things in our store, if you produce such things.
2. Obtain the status of a site partner in exchange for part of the share in your project.
3. Register on the exchange services for your profile.
4. Become a member of the q-base.club team.


There are products - they can be sold. They will bring money, if people need them. In order to make high-quality and demanded products we need participants of a common curcuit - researchers, technologists, manufacturers, investors, technical support, lawyers, patent attorneys, etc.

They are people from different target audiences. We propose these people to gather together in one space:


We do not want just to implement a social network.

We have developed a number of tools that allow us to realize a full-fledged digital universe called Digital Universum. Even Google and Yandex, without which in nowadays, as without hands, even they do not have what we have developed. In this presentation, we will show only some of the tools that were formulated by us in 2010-2013. We also highlight who we are, what we want, what we need and what we have already worked out:










We want to create a community of likeminded people united by a decentralized network with a number of tools and devices. This will allow representatives from completely different target audiences to launch in a single and common process: Research, Technology and Products relevant both to individual groups and to the public. We will do it in ABSOLUTELY TRANSPARENT mode with a GUARANTEED responsibility for the performance of any and all commitments, promises or statements made.


- All processes are transparent

- Not limited by time

- A clear scheme for participants rating improvement

- Data is not overwritten, but supplemented

- Nationality, gender, age, language are not important

- Possibility of dialogues between different Target Audiences

- Responsibility for words and affirmations

* - the age begins from the age of majority and legal capacity.


There once lived separately: organizers, social. platforms, scripts and messengers .... And here we come and say: - Let's add to the set of all these spare parts the following:









...plus something else ... and we will create ... no, not a bicycle!


Q-base.club community in DIGITAL UNIVERSE.


Table of Contents

Short description

What Q-base.club is

Why the project can be interesting PERSONALLY TO YOU

Detailed description

Toolkit of Q-base.club

     q-base.club "GARANT-SERVER"

     q-base.club "BOT- SERVER"

      q-base.club "Jobber"

      q-base.club "META-operators"

      q-base.club "Liker"

      q-base.club "Liker-commander"

      q-base.club "Strategic organizer"

      q-base.club "Social area"

Basic principles of Q-base.club

How can you support the project q-base.club

Short Squeeze

Project's team


Supplement 1.

     Stage 1.

     Stage 2.

     Stage 3.

     Stage 4.

Glossary of terms

Warranty statements


Business model in details

Interaction scheme


What Q-base.club is

Q-base.club - is a platform where discussed issues and tasks that are  relevant  to the public  will result in research or commercial projects.

Q-base.club - is an information space in which new theories and understandings can be transformed into ideas of unique devices and pilot versions of such devices. Moreover, these innovation devices can quickly find connoisseurs and investors and get the opportunity to run in circulation.

Q-base.club- is a decentralized network in which different participants will be able to support the ideas, devices and projects they like by offering their services for reward or free of charge.

Q-base.clubis a unified digital universum in which participants from completely different groups and Targeted Audience will be able to enhance and diversify both: their personal capabilities and the possibilities of group interactions in joint projects.

Q-base.club - is a community for the expression of the Research, Creative and Commercial components, as a whole and indivisible manifestation.

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Why this project can be interesting PERSONALLY TO YOU

To conduct privat ICO and pre ICO we will issue 10.000.000 tokens


Tokens will be sold at a bargain price related to their nominal value

All those, who supported our aspiration to create and develop the project q-base.club, will receive not only their dividends from this project, but also from subsequent projects, which q-base.club will give Life. Especially for this, we have prepared a loyalty program that will allow all participants, who supported the project on the early stages, to receive additional bonuses and preferences.

We already have devices and projects which we will set out on a presale through Q-bit tokens.


Each of these projects and devices is the know-how and in some time - will excite the market. Therefore, our goal is to obtain patents for inventions and utility models (in the CIS and EU countries), and a patent for inventions (in the US) to ensure a long-term market entry, retention of positions and obtaining maximum profit.



Any member can buy tokens, but for members of the club there is an opportunity to receive them for the implementation of certain services for the project . Taking into account that we will purposefully raise the value of the token, participation in project support by providing services to it, is a profitable investment of your efforts.

You can apply for membership right now!


Discussions on participation in specific projects, stock campaigns on which it will be possible to receive tokens of the project or bounty program, as well as all possible discussions with proposals for cooperation and open vacancies in the projects, all this will take place on our web-site.

Perhaps you have access to anchor investors or you are an anchor investor ready to invest in the q-base.club project or its individual tools - please, let us know.

  • Registration on the site occurs in manual mode after receipt and verification of your application.
  • A list of all relevant services and open vacancies for members of q-base.club will be available from the time private ICO is launched.

If you want to join our club, you need to fill out a short questionnaire.

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TOOLS of Q-base.club

Based on Scheme 1,
the representations of various auxiliary devices and applications have been
worked out. They give many opportunities, both in the methods of group
interaction, and in the ways of completely autonomous and independent work. Here is a short list of the proposed toolkit.

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q-base.club "GARANT-SERVER"

Service that can act as a Guarantor and an Attorney between the parties to the Treaty.



  • Is able to monitor the proper observance of all conditions and clauses of agreements concluded between the participants.
  • Will be able to involve third parties for peer review.
  • It can initiate the launch of any actions and procedures specified in advance by the parties, depending on the performance or occurrence of certain events.

For the Customer and the Contractor “GARANT-SERVER” is convenient because at the conclusion of the Contract, each of the parties sees key places, not blurred by a bunch of words.

For example:

in a situation where the Customer and the Contractor do not trust each other, “GARANT-SERVER” can monitor the execution of each stage of the work, making money transfers to the account of the Contractor.

The funds are fully deposited in advance by the Customer to GARANT- SERVER. Then, GARANT-SERVER pays the agreed amount of money to the Executor – according to the appropriate execution of each item of the contract. Moreover, the criteria of requirements and correspondences are determined and indicated by the parties in advance. For example: expert evaluation of work results by an independent (third) party.

FORUM q-base.club "GARANT-SERVER" (English)  

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q-base.club "BOT-SERVER"

Service, which acts as a Personal Assistant and Personal Attorney of any registered participant of the project. The service performs: 

A function of a Personal Assistant (call, wake up, send, remember, support dialogue and communication, raise the mood (moving the attention from one accent state to others), etc. - the list of options will constantly grow)


A function of a Personal attorney - according to a pre-planned algorithm (using special commands of "meta-operators") on a unilateral basis both personal and group commands, embedded in information fields of information blocks. This allows you to perform certain actions with blocks when certain events occur.

Open an access to confidential information in 5 years or perform an action on behalf of the guarantor in case of certain events, when the guarantor may already not be alive. That is: a person increases both the horizon of planning and degree of freedom.

FORUM q-base.club "BOT-SERVER" (English)  

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q-base.club "Meta-Operators"

This is a set of commands (for example: text messages, reminders, tasks), for which you can set the necessary conditions, time periods, cyclicity and the order of actions that can be performed with information blocks. These blocks can be various types of digital information: electronic documents, photographs, audio-video files, text blocks, digital tokens, crypto currency, etc.)

Fragment from the movie Legendy Polskie


Meta-operators can be executed as simple devices, and smart-servers, bot-servers, servers of cloud storages on which blocks of information are placed.

F.eg.:If I do not contact you within 10 days, send this information to this list of e-mail addresses, send messages to such phones, and transfer the amount of money to the following account. 

FORUM q-base.club "Meta-Operators" (English)  

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q-base.club "Jobber"

Electronic device for PC, IPAD and IPHONE with biofeedback. It is an intermediary between a person (as well as the processes of his inner world) and the virtual reality world (with its capabilities).

In the basic version, Jobber is able to perform the functions of informing about the occurrence / non-occurrence of a certain event, notifying the GARANT-SERVER and BOT-SERVER about it and delivering to them (in automatic / semi-automatic mode) all the necessary information.



The main message: Routine? Let’s JOBBER Job!

The main purpose: to assign Jobber all routine and not interesting, but necessary and important actions, in which accuracy and clarity is important.

Question: When we look at your examples, immediately the question appears - Is there anybody in the world who is able to create such Jobber?

Answer: Even now, we are able to combine Jobber with the tablet. During the year, we want to connect it with the games. This will be a completely new type of games for tablets.

Question: What do you need for this?

Answer: We need additional financial resources for replicating Jobber devices, and resources for making applications for iOS or Android by Technical Enquiry.

FORUM q-base.club "Jobber" (English)  

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q-base.club "Liker"

Liker is designed to interact quickly with information. Almost, "on the fly" and from any device - PC, Tablet, Smartphone and other devices. Interaction can be conducted with any kind of digital information: document, photograph, screenshot, file, text, video-audio material, electronic token - it does not matter. This kind of information is called a basic digital block. The main feature is that the associated information field is attached to this digital block, in order to fix the accompanying information in it.


In the information field, you can specify not only ancillary
information, but also place templates from combinations of meta-operators (BOT-SERVER or GARANT-SERVER, or cloud storage server). It gives the executor ability to check certain event conditions and sequence of actions that, when they occur you need to do with the information block.

Open access to this block of information and place it on the
following public servers in 15 years. If it’s not possible - to submit an
application to find an executor who will perform the following clauses of the
contract under a smart-contract. 

FORUM q-base.club "Liker" (English)  

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q-base.club "Liker-Commander"

Liker-Commander is an application that works with the information field as a single basic information block and the information field of several combined blocks of information. The work is carried out with the help of visual representation.

Fragment from the movie The Matrix 2


Allows you to perform bundled operations and modifications: copying, deleting, changing and renaming information accents in the information field.

In actual fact, it is a kind of visual manager for easy work
with information fields: the ability to make changes both to a single unit and
to a number of information blocks in the information field.

FORUM q-base.club "Liker-Commander" (English)  

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q-base.club "Strategic Organizer"

This application will create a distributed working environment and space for communication and interaction (using all possible channels from messengers and social networks);

That is: to build a virtual working environment from users who are in different messengers and social networks. Opportunity to inform (both participants and specific groups) on: social networks, postal addresses, postal conferences, SMS, Internet pagers - with just one click.


“Strategic Organizer” allows you to view any process (and its
stages) as all possible fragments of Scheme 1, working out any of them with the required depth and detailing.

It allows you to select and link to them immediately (if necessary) standard templates of smart contracts (both for applicants and customers).

Also it allows you to synchronize all the procedures with related processes, creating a simple visual picture:


Allows you to build steps for the goal achievement directly from living communication by adding to the blocks of information necessary sets and templates from the meta-operators:

If there is an anchor investor willing to invest in this tool, or during the ICO, the q-base.club site will collect $ 1,500,000, within six months we will release a working pilot model of this tool ready for commercial replication.

Question: Do I understand correctly that users will be able to share successful strategies with each other?

Answer: Yes, you understood correctly. And if you decide to share the strategy, you can share also contacts of  people (who participated in your own strategies), and ready-made sets of meta-operators and information fields. When exporting, you can choose the appropriate option.

Question: That is, if you get into any situation, you will be able to try and find an effective strategy of behavior in the organizer, based on its feedback and rating, already with contacts and rates of specialists?

Answer: Yes.

FORUM q-base.club "Strategic Organizer" (English)  

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q-base.club: "Social Area"

In spite of the fact that the project will be created on the principle of a distributed network, we plan to make a regular website, on which it is possible to communicate, interact and observe new items in usual browser.

From idea:



Before we could realize this idea:



Products of participants of our site:


FORUM q-base.club "Social Area" (English)  

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The goal of private ICO and preICO is to raise funds for a full-fledged holding of ICO. If the funds collected are less than planned, the declared toolkit will be displayed on the ICO separately (investors investing in the project will be able to express their attitude regarding the relevance of one or another instrument proposed in the project).

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The principle of openness. There are no borders in communication based on national facilities, gender, age, specialization, language barrier. Any disputes and discussions about ideas, hypotheses, theories and beliefs that are of interest to both individual groups and public are conducted freely and openly.

The scientific principle. Free access to the base of scientifically verified knowledge and information about the cause-effect relationships of phenomena / processes / events.

The principle of blockchain. The use of distributed networks and a continuous series of blocks of information to protect the existing evidence base (scientifically proven knowledge) and research results from loss, distortion and falsification.

Principle of verifiability. If there is any doubt about the truth of any statement or study, it can be verified independently. If there is not enough data or technical capabilities at the moment, it will be postponed and continued in the future. With no loss of information.

The principle of relevance. Possibility of conducting open dialogues between end users, creators and producers. This allows you to identify quickly the acute and urgent needs of society. Members of the community, even if they are not scientists and technical experts, can draw the attention of the community to the urgent tasks and initiate the search for solutions by the community.

The principle of cooperation. Through tokens and smart contracts, interested participants can not only support research teams in their work, but also get their own profit by offering services to projects.

The principle of innovation. New understandings lead to the ideas of new devices. They can be patented, discussed, launched into development and sought by interested customers. All this - using the possibility of our site, crowdfounding and cooperation.

The principle of responsibility. The system of ratings, guarantee deposits and some other decisions, allows to involve participants in responsibility for all their official statements and obligations.

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How can you support q-base.club


1) Make a purchase in the Store. Evaluate the quality of our products. They are made in a limited edition, and some of them are made in a single sample. If you are interested in something and you acquire the product, then together with your purchase you will receive a q-bit token as a bonus.

2) Make a contribution to the q-bit tokens of the project, buying them purposefully in our store. At the preICO stage, they are sold cheaper three times than in the future will be realized at the ICO stage. After the launch of the site and in the process of its development, the cost of q-bit tokens will increase.

3) To make a voluntary donation. This is how to lend us and we can return it to the World. Even if it is a symbolic sum, it does not matter. It is important that you believed in us and our ideas. We are already intended to reach our goal. But the idea that it is important to other people, not only to us, and that our goal has a value by itself not only because of making a profit - will make us truly unbending and inevitable on the way to it.

4) Join our club and support it with word and deed. You can support it by a monthly or annual fee, and by providing assistance to the project, depending on your specialization. Depending on the chosen specialization, in addition to the general sections, some of the closed sections will be opened (access to which will be given to this or that specialization).

Table with types of specializationsTry, for example, to find the type of "specialization" that suits you in the table and click on the name (if you did not find the suitable one, tell us its name and we will add it to the table).

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Short Squeeze


The difference of q-base.club from all other existing structures and institutions is that the site strives to structure the stages of any project purposefully, enabling each of the interested participants to manifest themselves.

It allows you to give a detailed description of each stage, and create a standard smart-contract for each of them. This enables you to allocate parts of funding from the total cost of the project for each specific stage.

Since each stage is an integral part of one common process, then no matter what type of personality the participant of q-base.club is:

... Scientist, Thinker, Proctologist, Philologist, Investor, Worker, Technologist, Welder, Priest, Teacher, Zoologist, Physicist and Chemist, Advertiser, Student, Official, Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Inventor and Marketer ...

The platform allows to increase the space of manifestation practically for everyone.

At the end of this presentation I want to tell a story:

When Ambassadors came to Sparta from the island of Samos to ask for help, they pronounced a long and beautiful speech.

The Spartans said: "After listening to the end, we forgot the beginning, and forgetting the beginning, we did not understand the end."

The Samos were smart. The next day they came to the assembly with an empty sack and said only four words:

"There's a bag, there's no flour."

Spartans said that it was enough to say only two words: "there is no flour," but Spartans were satisfied with this ingenuity and promised to help.

And if you, like real Spartans: "After hearing to the
end, forgot the beginning, and forgetting the beginning, did not understood the end," then, we, like the ambassadors from the island of Samos, say:

"There are ideas, there are no resources."

If you decide to give a chance to our project and support it as much as you can, we will be very grateful to you. We will express our gratitude in a very concrete way.

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Project's Team

5c0defe4cd22094.pngResearcher, technologist and production worker. Specialist of a wide profile. From 2000 he worked in different positions: from the engineer of technical supervision to the General Manager. His first laboratory was opened at the age of 16 (which did not last for a year and burned during unsuccessful experiments). He devotes his free time to all sorts of research. One of them is the "Process and Game Classifier", which after the presentation at the startup competition won the second place. In 2011 he started the production of developing toys. See "the Roadmap" for details.


Specialist in public relations. She has worked as a personal assistant to the General Manager of the representative offices of foreign companies in Russia, as a Commercial Director of the business class beauty salon in Moscow and as a Manager of Marketing Department in the Russian constructive company. 


Laureate of the Charter of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for 2016. The laboratory under his leadership won the grant of the Presidential Special Fund of the Republic of Belarus for the Support of Talented Youth twice. The main expert of Worldskills of the Republic of Belarus in the field of "Mobile Robotics". Currently, he is a lecturer at the Technical University of Brest (robotics, PLO, architecture of modern computers) and head of the student laboratory of robotics.


Medical laboratory technician. Student of the Moscow State University. Interests are wide: chemistry and biology, stage direction and theater, medical jobbers and pedagogy, cosplay and needlework. In general: a student, girlscout and just a beauty.


Specialization: Psychology, Production, Strategic Planning. Practice: Construction of a chain of technological processes, organization of a training center for preschool children. He created a decentralized production line that produces author's products of combined technologies. The co-author of the project 'DEVELOPING TOYS' and the project 'I ALSO WANT'. Philanthropist.

8250e6c1d985fb9.pngSpecialist in the field of PR and e-commerce. He worked as a Project Manager at the digital agency of interactive marketing KSAN. Key customers are Ahmad Tea Russia, Western Union, E & Y.

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Cooperation Scheme

Practically any process from "Perception" to
"Delivery to the buyer" can be schematically shown as follows:

Scheme 1.


1,2,3,4 are responsible for understanding;

5 and 7 are responsible for the attitude and relevance;

6b and 6a - for working technology;

11 - resources;

10 - replicability and quality;

13 - support and maintenance;

14 - distribution;

15 - correct use

16 - feedback

Question: Do I understand correctly that according to this scheme, it is possible to find a suitable specialization for a person?

Answer: It was not intended for this, but in, principle, yes - it is possible.

If the "Experience Storage" contains a unique understanding that no one needs at the moment, it will not be used. When, over time, the relevance will be re-realized, this understanding will immediately become in demand. If there is an urgency, but there is no understanding, then the request will not be realized even if there is a technology and methods of replication.

The first purpose of q-base.club is to provide functionality that allows to multiply and preserve the understanding of all researchers, including those who are ahead of their time.

If there is an understanding and an actual request, but there are no resources, this request will not be implemented either.

The second purpose of q-base.club is to attract potential investors to the site, as well as to provide the interested public with the opportunity to take part in this  in order to implement and support the requests that are relevant to public.

If there is understanding, relevance and resources, but there is no available technology for replication, taking into account key properties and qualities - the request will not be realized or it will be implemented in an unsuitable way.

The third purpose of q-base.club is to attract technologists and manufacturers who can, under favorable conditions, process all relevant inquiries of the worked stages without losing the key criteria of the product image.

If there is understanding, acutality, resources and replication technology, but there is no support and a way of distribution, even the most advanced achievements, technologies and devices may not reach their final consumer or if they reach the service center, lead to a situation of inability to use.

The fourth purpose of q-base.club is to attract representatives of trade networks (who are ready on mutually beneficial terms to promote the distribution of new devices), and to acquaint interested users with new products on the market of technological devices right on the site.

If a working mechanism is built that functions perfectly, but
changes in requests and actual needs are not tracked, this mechanism can become
an unnecessary appendage that consumes an extra resource. Without a clear
feedback an adequate perception of what is happening can be lost.

The fifth purpose of q-base.club is to create a direct feedback tool between interested users and all other stakeholders responsible for: understanding, technology, resources, replication, quality, support, maintenance, distribution.

“...if the stars are lit, it means that someone needs it, that someone wants them to be..."

(c) V.Mayakovsky.

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Supplement 1

We do not just say common words, but we specifically understand the structure of each stage and how everything works. Here is a model of how, within the framework of our conception, the mechanism of the process of Knowledge functions:

Stage 1

Perception is a reflection of aspects of * objective reality in the mind . * Aspect is one of the sides of the observed object, the way it is seen from a certain point of view.

That is: aspects of objective reality affect the Matrix of perception (the inner space of a person).

The matrix can be conditionally viewed as a "set"
of different receptors, influenced by the signals of the external world.

It is very sensitive and allows you to react to the slightest changes in the signals of the outside world. The reaction of the perception matrix is ​​recorded by Consciousness (H *).

Stage 1 (scheme)


Example: A newborn child is exposed to a large number of
stimuli (light, sound, tactile, etc.) but as there are no established
connections between processes, all these stimuli are not yet connected.

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Stage 2

Changes in signals from the outside world are reflected in Matrix perception. They are fixed by the Mind. It "collects" information about signals, their interrelations and patterns. When a certain "critical mass" of information is collected, a process of awareness * takes place. Awareness is the allocation of a certain interconnected group of signals from the whole stream of signals of reality.

Stage 2 (scheme)


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Stage 3

After reaching a certain number of connections between
signals, an image is formed.

Example: the child's recognition of his mother in its various manifestations - voice, smell, steps, appearance, touch, etc. The child has a representation of the mother *.

Representation - the construction of the mental image from the group of signals, which is separated from other signals of the external world.

Stage 3 (scheme)


Mental projection – is one of the layers of the perception matrix, allowing you to create and interact not with a group of signals, but with a virtual image that is not directly related to signals.

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Stage 4

Creating a CONCEPT - highlighting key features and properties in the created image for subsequent definition of relation to it.

Stage 4 (scheme)


The perception matrix is ​​the inner space of a person, conditionally divided into layers, allowing: to see, hear, smell, feel, experience.

Mental projection - One of the layers of the perception matrix, allowing to interact with the virtual image of the object / object / phenomenon / process.

Q: all these info-fields, info-blocks, meta-operators .. it is unclear what is this for...? Why it is described?  What to do with it? What to apply it for? How does it relate to me?

A: Information in the application is mainly for those who want to understand more details what our presentations are based on. We place it with one goal - to show that our projects are the result of a long and truly toilsome research process launched almost 2800 days ago:


In the meantime we have passed a long way. You can see the details in the Road Map.

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Relevance - the need, importance, significance of what or / in what for the present moment.

Basic digital block - any kind of digital information: document, photograph, screenshot, file, text, video-audio material, electronic token, etc. All to what the auxiliary information field is created.

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BR - Biological Response - is the reaction of the body to certain events. It is organized mainly with the help of sensors that take information about the state and changes of various physiological processes. Visual, auditory, tactile and other signals are used.

Block chain - is a continuous sequential chain of blocks (linked list), containing information, built according to certain rules. More often, copies of block chains are stored independently of each other (extremely parallel) on different computers.

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The information field (info field)- is a supplementary block of digital information, which is inextricably linked to the base digital block, and in which all the  supportive information (labels, meta-operators, comments, etc.) relating to the base digital block is located


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Information space - is a common store of information fields.

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Virtual Space -

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Decentralized network -

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Digital Universum - is a derivative of two words Digital and Universum ("totality, community" "the totality of everything", "the world as a whole", "everything that exists"). In our context - a single digital universe.

Idea - (other Greek-бј°δО­α - form, form, prototype) in the broad sense is the mental prototype of some action, object, phenomenon, principle, which distinguishes its main and essential features.

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Warranty statements - Claims backed by guarantees, which, in the event of a denial of the allegation, are passed into the possession of the party that disproved them. The q-base.club project has the following warranty statements:

Warranty Statement 1

Warranty Statement 2

Warranty Statement 3

Warranty Statement 3

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A guarantee deposit is a security that reinforces the weight and significance of an approval or commitment. In the event of a refutation of the statement or failure to perform the obligation, the guarantee deposit becomes the possession of the party that refuted the statement (or for which the warranty obligations were not fulfilled).

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Warranty obligations are obligations backed by guarantees that, in the event of non-performance (or improper performance), they are transferred to the party to which the guarantee was made.

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Pavel Valeryevich Durov - is the creator of the social network "VKontakte" and the creator of the cross-platform messenger "Telegram".

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Ilon Reeve Mask - is a Canadian-American engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and investor.

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Vitaliy Dmitrievich Buterin - is a Canadian-Russian programmer, co-founder of the Ethereum project.

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Knowledge - is an information obtained in a certain way and in an orderly manner, which, with varying degrees of reliability and objectivity, reflects certain properties of the existing reality in the mind of a person.

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Know-how (or know how) or the secret of production - is information of any kind (inventions, original technologies, knowledge, skills, etc.) protected by a regime of trade secrets and can be subject to purchase -sales or used to achieve a competitive advantage over other business entities.

Loyalty program - is a program with additional bonus rewards offered by the project creators. All those participants who purchase q-bit tokens do not conduct sales transactions with it, as they acquire a token because they want to support the project.

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preICO - (presail). In a situation where the project does not have the funds to conduct an ICO, they are looking for early investors ready to invest their money in the project. The funds are used to prepare the project for a full-fledged ICO company (marketing, prototyping, obtaining a utility model, patenting, website development, team payment, legal services, etc.)

privateICO - closed sales of a small number of tokens at very favorable terms. 

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ICO - Initial coin offering, a form of investment attraction in the form of sale to investors of a fixed number of new units of crypto-currencies received by a single or accelerated emission.

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q-bit - the digital crypto currency of the project q-base.club.

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q-base.club - (Q-base.club) digital project, located at www.q-base.club.

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Crypto currency - is a kind of digital currency, the creation and control of which is based on cryptographic methods.

РЎРѕmmunity — is a group of idividuals or legal entities  whose interests coincide with the interests of particular society and this group takes part in the activity of this society.

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Volatility - a statistical indicator that characterizes the trend of price volatility. It is the most important financial indicator in the management of financial risks, where it represents a measure of the risk of using a financial instrument for a given period of time.

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Example of informative Jobber:

Vasily Viktorovich loved his wife very much. But as far as he loved research work as well, he always forgot memorable dates - up to his own birthday!

And his wife, Marina Vladimirovna, had one small, but very unpleasant little point-she remembered all the dates and was very offended when her absent husband forgot about them ...

And so, a couple of days before the alleged scandal early in the morning, Vasily Viktorovich's phone burst with a phone call:

-Good morning, Vasily Victorovich! You are in great danger!

Vasily Victorovich woke up unexpectedly even without the morning coffee.

- We remind you that in two days you and your spouse will have a wedding anniversary. Over the past year in social networks, she clicked "I like" on 598 subjects, 56% of which are evening dresses. This type of goods can be purchased in online stores, the list of which was sent to your e-mail. Also, photos of the recommended models are attached to the leter.

Finally awakened, Vasily Victorovich could only squeeze out "Thank you!"

-You're welcome! After 12, 24 and 36 hours you will receive a repeat notification, if before that time, the order in the store is not made. Yes, and we remind that your wife prefers pions ....

Vasily Viktorovich, despite devoting himself to research, never forgets about important events - jubilees, anniversaries and birthdays. Everyone is happy.

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Example of medical Jobber:

Viktor Igorevich wasn't feeling well in the morning. He had some inner anxiety, for no apparent reason,and a headache. Yes, so that the circles floated before his eyes.

"I need to call Vasya," he thought, and reached for the phone. But something strongly squeezed the chest...

What happened next, he remembered vaguely. Like separate pictures that did not lined up in a linked picture ... He woke up in a bright and spacious room on a snow-white bed.

-"How are you feeling?" Asked a pleasant female voice sympathetically. At the same time, there was no one around.

-"My state of health depends only under weather," answered Viktor Igorevich. And then added - Apparently, the weather is very bad on the street.

- The doctor will come in three minutes, and your son will be in 27 minutes.

- Good. And who are you, what's your name?

- My name is Jobber-Nurse.

- Jabbochka, what happened to me?

-"The clock and phone that Vasily Viktorovich gave you is the Jobber-Guardian." He notified us that you needed urgent medical help. According to the agreement of our organization with your son, we had no more than 25 minutes to get to you. This time was enough to provide you with medical care.

- I see. And how did you get into the house? The door was locked...

- Jobber-Guardian is connected to a smart house. Therefore, when the ambulance arrived, a command was sent to open the lock.

-"What would happened if you did not arrive on time?"

- According to the agreement concluded and fixed on the Garant-Server - we would be expected to be fined.

-"Ah, but not with you ... what would happened to me?"

-"You would die of a heart attack."

-"Thank you, dear!" What would I do without you ?!

- Glad to help.

Victor Igorevich stretched out in bed and waited for his son. He already did not worry about anything. "I'll leave the hospital and go fishing with Vaska." And this ... it will be necessary at the weekend to see what the Jobbers are for the angling rod. Still, this little Jobber is quite handy.

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Example of participants state synchronization:

By data capture of the physiological state of the body through the sensors of Biological Response, simple synchronization of the physiological states of the participants is possible. Thus, you can create virtual spaces, stay in which can only people with clearly defined states, and as soon as a person drops out of this state, he automatically leaves this space.

The fragment from the movie “The Matrix” 2


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Example of Mental Games:

People are used to the industry of games. But there is a new direction, that opened such devices as neuro-headphones. Here's a video of what kind of device it is:

Click to see

An innovative device, which was presented to the world in about 2001. Have you heard much about these devices? Are there plenty of games on their base? did you play at least one?

The concept with Jobbers is more accessible to the public and no less potential. For example, these games are not on the PC, but on the tablet IOS or Android, in which changes in the game process occur due to the internal self-regulation of the body - mental games.

This will allow both children and disabled people to learn through games the technique of internal self-regulation of their conditions.

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