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The first solar-powered
     fruit crypto farm


Batching technologies

So, we are a team of CoinBerry startup authors, who are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and professionals, and we are launching a fruit crypto farm - a physical complex of production facilities for growing strawberries in a high-tech greenhouse all year round. Heating of the greenhouse it’s the heat generated from the mining farm, which receives electricity from its own solar power plant. In addition, we form a technology cluster in the form of a mining farm, created for the purpose of combining private miners into a consolidated pool, giving its private investors the right to lease / own some of the computational capabilities of the cryptoferm. The CoinBerry project is preparing to become a resident of the Territory of Advanced Development (TAD) of Vladivostok, which will give preferential tax holidays for up to 5 years. Considering the forthcoming Russian draft law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency, the CoinBerry project remains as an island of a tax benefits for private miners.


In the CoinBerry project, we combined three separate processes into one triune pool, in which the pluses of each one are tripled. The most advanced agricultural technologies - dutch, israeli, allows to grow crops all year round. The solar-powered plant makes this process cheap and autonomous by placing a greenhouse even in a cold region, we have a constant heat source for heating - a crypto farm, which makes the cost price of strawberries way lower. We are creating a new type of economy, in which the digital and physical world is organically combined, and this gives a powerful impetus to the development of production and industry.

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1.          Economic situation
2.          Economic situation on the strawberry market in Primorsky Krai
3.          Project’s environmental component
4.          General structure of the CoinBerry project
5.          Provision and circulation of the token
6.          Token distribution structure
7.          Key project indicators
8.          Project advantages 
9.          The product 
10.        Pricing policy
11.         Production process in brief 
12.        Roadmap 
13.        Risk factors
14.        The team of authors 
15.         Media about us
16.         Сonclusion   


1 An economic situation
Right now we are witnessing the beginning of a global transition to a digital economy that requires investments in the basic components of its technologies and modernization of production, the reorganization of the centralized economy. Further development of processes will be determined by a combination of two factors - the destruction of the structures of the old technological order and the emergence of a new process of the digital economy. Meanwhile existing economic and financial institutions will have to be transformed. Changes will affect both economic and social processes. Bearing in mind the background of the negative sentiment, many investors are switching to crypto investments, as an alternative direction of investment. First of all, we are talking about projects with a fast payback and moderate risks, especially in a new types of business processes.

2 Economic situation on the strawberry market in Primorsky Krai
Market size:

According to statistics, the market for strawberry consumption is, on average, about 0.5 kg. berries a year per person. Strawberries imports, cultivation quantities in the greenhouses of the home region, does not cover the demand, strawberries are sold without having a chance to rot. According to the population census for year 2017, 2,2 million people lives in Primorsky Krai. Thus implies, unsatisfied demand, in non-season period, from September to June, is about 825 tons of berries, in ruble terms, given a wholesale price of 100 rubles per kilogram, ended up as 82 million of the lost revenue. 

Distribution channels:
Wholesale distribution channels in Vladivostok, on which part of the sales model is built, expect supplies of at least 100 kg. per day, which indicates that the wholesale market works properly. In Vladivostok and the suburbs, there are more than 18 large network players of grocery retail, consequently only, various grocery stores alone consume 1,800 kg. strawberries per day, or 54,000 kg. per month, or 648,000 kg. per year. In the summer season, berries are quickly bought from the shelves of shops and markets, left nothing for September. Price difference between the right season and the wrong season can reach 10 times, in September, the greenhouse strawberries costs 1500 rubles per kg on the market.

Market players and their technologies:
In Primorsky Krai there are small, scattered agricultural facilities (chinese and russian farmers). However, both methods of growing in a greenhouse are common, based on groundwater. The productivity of all existing farms looks like: there are no strawberries on the market, but expensive ones, from outside suppliers. The yield of all greenhouses in Primorye is barely enough to meet their own needs (for jam stock and home consumption). At the same time, at a distance of 500-700 km., in neighboring China there are industrial greenhouses, but the growth hormones used in Chinese technology of growing berries affect on the taste of berries not in a good way.
Within the framework of the project plan is to build a fruit crypto farm in the Mikhailovskiy district of Primorsky Krai.

So, in the region of the planned greenhouse (Primorsky Krai, Russia) there is no industrial strawberry producer, and therefore about 90% is imported into the region, the remaining 10% is grown on private household plots, on the open ground. In case of sales of products in the growing region, a large item of transportation costs, logistics and other will be out of the cost price.

3. Project’s environmental component

The project proposes to use "green technology" in its production activities. That will reduce the damage (in the region) to the environment.
This model can be extended to other cold regions in Russia and the world.

4. General structure of the CoinBerry project


5. Provision and circulation of Token

The main goal for purchasing CoinBerry token is rental fee for pieces of crypto farm computing hardware or premises with own equipment to be placed.  


We have secured support of one of the largest and most successful ICO sites - KICKICO, and we are also a member of KICKONOMY. This means that we also accept KICKCOIN tokens as payment.
Purchasing CoinBerry Token on pre ICO affords an opportunity* to:
     1. Obtain pieces of computing capacities leased on the basis of Smart Contract and recorded in Coinberry token block chain (CBR):
1 Smart Contract = 100 CB = 1 ETH = 30 Mh/s

Up to 1500 Smart Contracts can be purchased during preICO.

Smart Contract terms and conditions:
•    Token holder remains unchanged within 6 months;
•    At the beginning of the 7th moth, computing capacities of the crypto farm can be rented per number of the tokens sold.
•    Rental period is 6 months, whereupon, token is automatically switched to the exchange, and the cycle is restarted.

     2. Rent of a place for placing the mining hardware is proceeding from calculations:
•    7 CB = 1 month crypto farm rent for 150 Mh/s
•    Scaling to 100 Gh/s
The cost of electricity in the daytime will be 1 ruble/kilowatt/hour (powered by its own solar power plant), night time at the usual rate of the region (Primorye Territory) for private individuals (1.83 rubles per kilowatt-hour)
The rent fee includes: accommodation, connection to the general facilities of the mining farm (CoinBerry pool), maintenance of computer equipment in working order, compliance with fire and other safety rules and after-sales service.
The purchased CoinBerry Token is provided with a business model, as well as a real commodity (strawberry, own electricity and computing capacities of the crypto farm), which in the case of currency fluctuations are "protected" by the value of these highly sought-after assets; In addition, the number of Tokens produced is limited by the collected amount of the ICO project, thereafter, the Token release is not planned, and the number of unsold tokens during ICO will be withdrawn.

6. Token distribution structure
6.1 General conditions
The total number of tokens issued will directly depend on the amount of investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies in the ICO period, after which no new CoinBerry token will be created, released or received. Tokens can be freely exchanged and withdrawn from the account after a successful start of circulation on the exchange.
6.2 Pre-ICO conditions
Based on the calculations, there are two thresholds for raising funds for the pre ICO for the backers:
Minimum – 0,1 ETH
The maximum threshold is 1 ETH
During PreICO tokens can be purchased with 30% discount of the nominal value;
Not later than 3 months after successful pre ICO, the Team is obliged to conduct fully realized ICO for further project implementation.

6. Token distribution structure   


6.1 General conditions for attracting investments
The total number of tokens issued will directly depend on the amount of investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies in the ICO period, after which no new CoinBerry token will be created, released or received. Tokens can be freely exchanged and withdrawn from the account after a successful start of circulation on the exchange.

6.2 The framework of Pre-ICO
Based on the calculations, there are two thresholds for raising funds for the pre ICO for the investor:
Minimum - 1 ETH
The maximum threshold is 1000 ETH
Buyers of Tokens for pre ICO purchase them with a discount of 30% of the nominal value of the token purchased;
Not later than 3 months after the successful pre ICO, the Team undertakes to conduct a full ICO, in order to further implement the project.

6.3 Terms and Conditions of the ICO


6.4 All issued CoinBerry tokens are planned to be exchanged for the company's shares, in case of the company's IPO, with the aim of further development and distribution of technology in the franchise format of the ready solution.

7. Key project indicators


* See more details in the project business plan

8. Project advantages

1 The investment attractiveness of the CoinBerry project is high as evidenced by these key indicators;
2 The central business idea of investing in the CoinBerry project is connected with the launch and further replication of the innovative strawberry growing ecosystem. And also getting profit from investment in the same name token;
3 The high environmental component of the CoinBerry project and green production standards, in which the synergy effect from the use of advanced technologies gives amazing results that are hardly possible to be achieved in other cases of overlap.

9. The product 

The main product of the projected system is strawberry, which is grown in the region (Primorye Territory, Russia) with negative temperature values; in this area there are no direct competitors among farmers in the absence of industrial greenhouses in the greenhouse region, within a radius of 700 km. (neighboring foreign country, China)
The way of growing strawberries is hydroponic, without involvement of an earthen substrate, which means that losses from insects are nsignificant, which makes it possible to keep the yield of the crop at 99% of the grown.
The first crop is grown from purchased seeds (minimum costs in monetary terms), the first fruit bearing shrubs appear after 2-3 months. The best yields for the hydropathic method of cultivation are shown by the Dutch strawberry varieties: Elvira, Vima Zanta, Gigantella, Maxim, Korona. If the temperature regime is maintained, prolonging the daylight in the greenhouse, caring for the plants, then harvesting is carried out regularly, all year round.
Pricing of the products of the projected system is planned to be carried out by the means of comparative analysis of the seasonal value of the product, the price of which is increased threefold during an off-season (September-June).

10. Pricing policy




* See more details in the project business plan

11. Production process in brief


The basis of the hydroponic system of growing strawberries is water with the addition of mineral enrichment substances.
The investment project under consideration foresees constructing of the following technical facilities:
1. Greenhouse for growing strawberries - Size of greenhouse L: 100 m., W: 100 m., H: 5 m., (Metal frame, walls and ceiling of cellular polycarbonate) and hangar for storage of finished products. L: 20 m., W: 10 m., D: 7 m., (Metalwork hangar). Technological equipment with installation on an individual project. The equipment is purchased from the Alekon company (Israel, www: //alecon.co.il/index_en.html).
2. Building to house mining farm - Building dimensions: 1000 sq. m.

Equipment for fruit crypto farm working process:
1. Equipment for solar power station - Station area - 2 hectares, equipment for solar collectors to heat the greenhouse – an area for placing solar collectors - 1 hectare,
Equipment, supplies, installation – MicroART company
(http://www.invertor.ru/), "Hevale" (http://www.hevelsolar.com/), "GeliosHouse")
2. Equipment for mining farm - GTX 10160 (MSI, Asus, Gigabyte) are planned to be used for mining. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build an ecosystem in the Spassk region of Primorye Territory (Russia), where a plot of land with the appropriate conditions and communications was selected in advance. In order to comply with the principles of openness and transparency during all stages of the project, investors will be provided with online webcasting of the construction process of industrial buildings using web cameras. They will be specially placed on the territory of the construction site and in the future - at the production site itself.
Technical realization of the production unit for strawberries growing:
The main purpose is to mine crypto currency;
An additional appointment is growing strawberries in a greenhouse;
The technical method is heating a greenhouse with heat, which is dissipated by the technical systems when mining by the means of a liquid heat sink system into radiators and registers;

Electrical part
The main part of the electrical system is based on solar panels;
Monocrystalline solar cells are used as this technology is advanced in the aspect of the ratio of efficiency to degradation (panels). Panels measuring: 1x2m, rated power - 300W, voltage-24V;
Grouping the panels into pools of 200pcs to a voltage of 96 (<110) V, partially in series, partially parallel connected, to increase efficiency and reduce cross-section of wires;
Number of panels - 4000pcs;
Provision is made for emergency power supply from external power sources (connection to 2 mW networks);
Used MPRT-controllers of the highest class, to achieve the maximum efficiency of the panels - 20pcs;
Used batteries, rated voltage 2V, specialized, with protection from deep discharge, connected in series to the required voltage, pooled, by the number of charge controllers; DC and AC systems are separated; The boards and control equipment of each of the systems are united in a common telematic dispatching system consisting of automation, controllers and software;
An additional part of the electrical system is the connection to the ES (700-1000 kW).
The first source of heating - computer systems of crypto currency mining (video cards and processors);
The heat collection proceeds from each system through a standard set of liquid cooling, modified for use in the common system: non-return valves are provided to ensure fluid flow, a pump is to increase the flow in the system. Copper type, soldering; Heat carrier-antifreeze; The system is tree-like, gradually assembles into a common collector through several clusters with the provided valves, to provide emergency and repair work; The common collector is adjustable, with the discharge of heat into the atmosphere through the system of street radiators; The second source of heating - solar collectors for water heating. The system is controlled by the means of electric valves, microcontrollers and specialized software; Thermal routes are shielded;
In the greenhouse there will be registers of heating; Computing network and miners. The system is based on special versions of motherboards and video cards for mining; The system is equipped with a local network running a domain controller and a firewall and is provided with Internet access; 
The optimized OS is used with the modified drivers for graphic cards and special software: 
The number of video cards - 4300pcs;
The overall system performance is 92 GC/s;
The total power consumption is 594 kW;
We use the capabilities of a crypto farm to accelerate the return on investment in our three-pronged system.
Our own solar power plant produces electricity, with which we feed our innovative greenhouse and crypto farm, which heats the greenhouse reducing the cost of heating in the cold period.

Strawberry growing technology:
The most advanced ways of growing strawberries are the Dutch hydroponic technologies, but the most productive are the Israeli ones. Harvesting from 1 hectare per year is about 230-250 tons of strawberries, which will allow supplying the whole city with a population of 1 million people a year, even in cold regions.

12. Roadmap


13. Risk factors

The CB tokens can be significantly affected by the trends in the digital currency market and the value of CB may change significantly due to non-CB events in the digital currency markets.The forecast market can become an object of international or local regulation, which will limit the possibility of using tokens for trading in this market.
Digital currencies may have an unstable course and the exchange rate of CB tokens may be affected by this instability.
International laws and regulations can limit CB tokens trading.
The use of CB tokens can be controlled by government agencies.
Possession of CB tokens can become the subject of new unpredictable tax laws, as a result of which CB tokens may lose some of their advantages.

14. Media about us

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2. gorodskoyportal.ru
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15. The team of authors

The team of the CoinBerry project consists of innovative technologies developers, agronomists, technologists, scientific experts, managers and economists with experience in various market spheres.


Oleg Kotelnikov

CEO, co-founder, ATC, VSUES
Founder, chief strategist.
Entrepreneur and innovator, Oleg has an extensive experience in developing market products and services, technological start-ups and real estate. Fifteen years of leadership experience.


Igor Yurov                        

Co-founder, FENU, MBA
He has an experience, skills and managerial competence in the banking business.
In the team he is responsible for solving the issues of strategic planning, economics and finance.   


Daniil Dobrynchenko

Counselor on project work and venture investments
Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", head corporate programs project work.
Expert in staff competitions in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Moscow. EBM Company (Workshops, staff assessment, business games, social programs for business)  


Pavel Dyda

FGMA, Candidate of Technical Sciences. More than 10 years’ experience in programming: databases, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Maxim Shulyak  

FENU Experience in developing and setting up complex security systems (Baikonur, Balakovo NPP, Russian-Estonian border)


Sergey Zenkin

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Institution of Economics, Law and Informatics

2013 Linguist, English teacher

Russian-english document translation (contracting, project, etc.), technical intructions, business correspondence / meeting and video conference translations. 4-year experience with native speakers 


Andrey Chumakov

Executive partner of NewLawyers law firm, «Solver» law service co-founder. Guiding investment operations and M&A, fintech, block chain and telemedicine projects. Possessing significant experience in project execution of diverse complexity in accordance with RF, Belarus, Cyprus, Netherland, Luxembourg legislation as well as main offshore jurisdictions. Operating @tokenlegalrate Telegram channel.

16. Conclusion

Participation of investors in the project involves CoinBerry token purchase, which is implemented as a financial instrument on the KICKICO blockchain platform [2]; in its turn CoinBerry is provided with agricultural products - strawberry, as well as its own electricity and the computing capabilities of the crypto farm.
Sales of CoinBerry tokens will occur in the framework of preICO (at the 1st stage of the project - in December 2017). The acquisition of CoinBerry options will be possible with the help of basic crypto currency.
CoinBerry Tokens are not stock, shares, collateral pool or equivalent property rights.
This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or call to sell shares or securities on the CoinBerry platform or any other related or associated company. The presented document can be amended in any form. The final document will be published before the ICO start date.
The presented strawberries production technology is a revolutionary embodiment of participatory technologies use, never to be used together before nowhere in the world, which are renewable energy, mining of crypto-currencies and ecological cultivation of strawberries.
The project has no prototypes in the world, being an example of a rational and evolutionary approach to the business process.




        Vladivostok 2017
           Community center CoinBerry
       [email protected]


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