Universa Blockchain Protocol ICO ICO
21,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
210,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
28 Oct, 2017 - 09 Dec, 2017 Campaign Duration
26 372,51 ETH Raised
888 Backers
42 Duration, days
21,000.00 ETH Soft cap
210,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

Web: https://universa.io

Telegram: @Uplatform

Whitepaper(EN): READ

Token: UTN ($0.0125)

SoftCap: 9.9 Million USD

HardCap: 99 Million USD

Total Token Supply: 15 Billion UTN

ICO Date: 28 October 2017



Universa is a fast production ready blockchain with smart contracts. The key solution that  businesses look for as they make the transition to blockchain technology is data security and network reliability. Universa simplifies this transition process by storing confidential information only where it will actually be used, verifying transactions as a separate service and ensuring that all incoming data is exact. With Universa, any supplier or market player can offer their services through Universa and execute payment transactions in any tokens or currencies. Universa smart contracts can be applied to programming both intracompany and public applications.

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Real Smart 

The speed 

Extremely Low Costs

In order for the platform to be widely used, it should offer brand new functionality. in Universa's case it is large amounts of processed transactions: up to 20.000 per second (666 times more than Ethereum and 1000 times more than Bitcoin). On top of that Universa is based on a simple protocol for creating its own applications and has a high data transfer rate. The project aims to digitalize the entire paper workflow using blockchain technology and a decentralized system of smart contracts targeting the real economy sector. Universa digital asset is 60 times faster than Ethereum, not to mention Bitcoin, which allows for Universa's extensive use.

To achiveve those goals Universa's platform developers had to completely abandon the concept of mining, and the primary distribution of tokens would be placed through the ICO and website registration bonus.


ICO Launch




To ensure that the tokens are in demand on the market and are constantly growing in price with the popularity of the platform, the developers added paid transactions on the protocol, meaning that every transaction will be charged with a small fee in UTN. Universa transactions will be 100 times cheaper than Bitcoin transactions.


  • High transaction speed (1000x faster than Bitcoin) and low fixed fees (100x cheaper) will attract more people to this new platform.
  • Our experienced team allocated funds for both development and promotion of the project, helping more people to get to know about Universa.
  • Directed Acyclical Graph, which Universa is based on, is a proven technology, used by other big companies, such as IOTA and RaiBlocks.






        CEO, Visioner,
        Business angel,
  • Investor in blockchain 
    economy: Shapeshift, Unocoin, 
  • 95 startups in portfolio 
    (x8 ROI)
  • Founder of #1 crowdinvesting 
    platform in Russia
  • Blockchain educational program 
    director at Plekhanov Russian 
    University of Economics

Advisors проекта:


A cyber security and software pioneer, Mr. McAfee left Lockheed Martin and began McAfee Associates in 1989, the world’s first antivirus company. Two years after McAfee Associates went public, Mr. McAfee sold his remaining stake in the company that was acquired by Intel Corporation in August 2010. 

In 2016, Mr. McAfee sought the office of President of the United States as a candidate of the Libertarian Party.

A private equity fund manager and quantitative trader, Mr. ReiSoleil co-manages Sichuan Hongjian Medical Fund, a ¥20 billion acquisition fund, and a cross-border high technology venture capital fund. From 2013 to date, Mr. ReiSoleil has developed several proprietary quantitative trading systems. 

In July, 2017, Mr. ReiSoleil co-founded ReiSoleil McAfee Zhu Ventures LLC (RMZ) with Mr. McAfee and Mr. Zhu



Expert in Quantitative Portfolio Management and Capital Markets. Traded numerous quantitative strategies from HFT to fully automated Global Tactical Asset Allocation and equity long-short. Co-founded four companies in IT and FinTech. Master degree in Applied Math, Stockholm School of Economic, EMBA, Certification in Quantitative Finance

Over 20 years of experience in TMET sector. Co-Founder of Ethereum South China and South Asia communities, Founder of CoinStreet Asia, Chief Crypto-Economic Advisor for the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, General Partner of AVO Partners Group and Southern International Capital, President of Next-TV, and Chairman of STM Digital Holdings Group.



David Drake is the Chairman of LDJ Capital, a family office; Victoria Partners, a 300 family office network based in London; LDJ Real Estate Group and Drake Hospitality Group; and The Soho Loft Media Group with divisions Victoria Global Communications, Times Impact Publications, and The Soho Loft Conferences.

Universa Team:


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