5,100.00 Soft Cap, ETH
11,500.00 Hard Cap, ETH
31 Oct, 2017 - 18 May, 2018 Campaign Duration
6 000,00 ETH Raised
190 Backers
199 Duration, days
5,100.00 ETH Soft cap
11,500.00 ETH Hard Cap

Hacken Ecosystem - First Decentralized Cybersecurity Marketplace.

HackenToken (HKN) is Dedicated Cryptocurrency for White Hat Hackers, an ERC20 token, which is the only payment tool in Hacken Ecosystem.

Hacken - link between the blockchain communities and the cybersecurity community.

We encourage legitimate research on computer networks and software by white hat hackers.

Buying Hackens today, will allow one to receive high quality cybersecurity services in the future, at an attractive price.

The Hacken Ecosystem consists of the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Cybersecurity Startups Incubator, Cybersecurity Analytics Center and HackIT Conference.





What is the Hacken Ecosystem?

The big idea behind Hacken is that it turns each owner of Hackens into a community member. Because Hacken is a specialized software utility token, being primarily focused on cybersecurity professionals and projects, it will also bring these people together by providing incentives for doing business with one another and for investment in cybersecurity startups. These people will need to communicate and interact with each other in order to make use of their Hackens. The more vibrant the community is, the more value it delivers to each member.

While our ecosystem has solid business plan and product roadmap, it is not only about business. Our aim is also to grow and support various community events and meetups in Europe and elsewhere in the World, including HackIT — the largest international cybersecurity conference.


How Does Hacken Make Use of Blockchain?

Proof of Vulnerability Testing

When clients sign the bug bounty program agreement, our team creates a relevant blockchain block containing data about the product, the terms of service agreement and a timestamp. The next block of the chain, which is specific to this client, will contain information on vulnerabilities, discovered during our security research.

After clients resolve the vulnerabilities that were discovered during the bug bounty research, HackenProof experts conduct a post-research audit. We then discuss our findings with the clients and advise any additional measures which need to be taken. Should the findings of the audit be satisfactory to both parties, our team and the clients, we form the next block in the chain, which contains information about the issues that were resolved.

At the end, clients receive a HackenProof Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Certificate, containing a report on all the vulnerabilities discovered and resolved with a timestamp for each event. Clients can then adjust their Blockchain sharing preferences and publish the certificate to the public, customers, investors or to whomever they designate.


Besides use of the blockchain in cybersecurity, this token sale also features an interesting financial innovation in the area of cryptocurrencies. That is our “burning” principle.

The “Burning” Principle

We invented the “burning” principle for this token sale for regulatory reasons that might otherwise prevent customers residing in some jurisdictions from participating.

We also believe that “burning” will expedite the growth of liquidity, and lessen the volatility risks for Hacken.

It is important for all owners of Hacken to understand that “burning” affects only the platform fees, thus reducing the amount of Hackens which we, the founders of the platform, not our customers or clients, own.

The “burning” will change the settled exchange rate of Hackens v. other crypto or fiat currencies.

We need this to keep a decent price tag for vulnerability search services, attract more hackers to the platform, as well as ensure the stable and efficient maintenance of our Ecosystem.

All the burning data will be transparent and available to the public via our website.





Who Are We?

We all were involved in various cybersecurity projects for the majority of our careers. 


Dmytro Budorin is the CFO and the Lead Manager of Hacken. Dmytro is ACCA, he worked for Deloitte for 8 years in various accounting, audit and project management positions.  While at Deloitte, Dmytro became the winner of the Deloitte CIS Audit Challenge with his audit of a Big Data SAP solution which was widely implemented in CIS offices, and in fact substantially increased project efficiency.

Mykyta Knysh is the Community Director at Hacken. He is the CEO of ProtectMaster, one of Ukraine’s oldest and reputable cybersecurity firms. Mykyta is  co-founder of HackIT Conference.


Dr. Yegor Aushev is the COO of Hacken. Yegor holds a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from DESY, Hamburg. He is the author of 22 scientific papers in this field. Since 2015, Yegor is the CEO of Information Security Group — a boutique cybersecurity firm providing penetration testing, data protection services and information security audit.

Andrii Matiukhin is the CTO of Hacken. Andrii has 13 years of successful career in cybersecurity. He worked for corporate customers, integrators and successfully drove complex technical solutions for a dozen projects in several countries for corporations, government agencies, banks and even the International Olympic Games Committee. He is a certified expert in a number of technologies, including such vendors as CheckPoint, Cisco and Juniper Networks. His role in project is to provide technology leadership for developing, integrating, and supporting the HackenProof platform.