Anton Dziatkovskii
MicroMoney ICO ICO
3,000.00 Soft Cap, ETH
88,757.00 Hard Cap, ETH
18 Oct, 2017 - 18 Nov, 2017 Campaign Duration
32 127,78 ETH Raised
199 Backers
30 Duration, days
3,000.00 ETH Soft cap
88,757.00 ETH Hard Cap


Bonus tokens:
+8% kickcoins. GAS 500 000

ICORating: Stable+ (full report)

Micromoney for people and Big Data for business

We are an Open Source Credit&BigData Bureau that connect fresh customers to Businesses: banks, e-wallets, insurance, e-commerce and retail. Micromoney A.I. platform predict creditworthiness of customers and in just 15 minutes borrower can take first credit in his life, using only smartphone.

All aggregated Big Data and Credit Histories stored on Blockchain.

Thousands of Businesses will get access to millions of new customers and involve them in the global economy.

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Do you know that about 2 billion people only use cash? They are unbanked. They don’t have credit histories - they could not become bank customers. Thats means that global economy is losing potential billions of working capital.

The MicroMoney company - a global decentralized digital credit bureau.

Our company gives an opportunity for unbaked people to set up a credit history. And also helps banks and insurance companies to reduce financial institution's risks when they issuing loans. They could get access to our credit rating database on a fee basis.

MicroMoney company involves new streams of money to the global economy.

We have developed a universal system for rapid assessment of creditworthiness of a client.

Now there is no need to collect a large number of documents to confirm ability to repay. All that is needed is to install MicroMoney application on a smartphone.

Application is based on neural networks, machine learning and Big data.

After the launch our scoring self-learning system analyzes the data from the borrower's smartphone and identifies potential credit risks with an accuracy of more than 95%.

After that program makes a decision - to issue a loan or not.

We processed more than 95,000 unique registrations, got more than 500,000 likes on Facebook during 2 years of work.

For nine people out of ten - it was the first loan in their lives. 73% of these people came back for a new borrow.

Micromoney now works in Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.

We plan to expand - first to Asia, then to the whole world.

We have a ready scalable franchise model.

Over the next four months we open up to the markets of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

By 2020, the capitalization of Micromoney will be $ 1 billion.

Key features:

  • One of the few token sales backed by a working product
  • Unique scoring algorithm by AI machine learning and neural network
  • Since 2015


MicroMoney launched its first product in 2015, well in advance of announcing the token sale.

Micromoney has a strong management team, worthy partners in respective countries with all necessary licenses to operate this business, 2 years proven track record in Cambodia and Myanmar, and reliable investors who already invested in MicroMoney more than $1.8 mln.

MicroMoney conveyed a bigger vision and presented a solution that uses blockchain technologies to make financial services more accessible for people and connect this transparent recognised customers base to different businesses (banks, MFIs, e-commerce, retail, insurance).

We are proud to be a part of the community working on financial inclusion for 2 billion people. Our ultimate goal is to increase the standard of living in emerging countries.


The emerging markets show interesting statistics: they have a high percentage of the unbanked and underbanked population, and high penetration of the Internet and mobile services at the same time.

For example, asian region overall expects to be the world’s fastest growing Internet region by 2020. It shows growing amount of Internet users, extending mobile phones penetration and increasing usage of social networks.

According to Google and Temasek, by 2025 the South East Asian Internet economy is expected to reach 200 billion USD, strengthening its already strong and growing GDP of 2.5 trillion USD. With its mobile connection growth rate higher than the global average (124% vs. 103%), and its Internet speed expected to reach the global average of 23.3 Mbps soon, the region’s Internet industry is flourishing. Furthermore, as of January 2017, social media penetration of its member countries is high.

At the same time, only 27% of the South East Asian population has a bank account. In poor countries like Cambodia, the numbers fall to about 5%. That’s about 438 million people in the region unbanked.


The Values That We Provide

MicroMoney for Crypto Community: Developing Crypto Ecosystem

According to our long-term strategy, we see MicroMoney as a part of a crypto ecosystem.

Our goal is to enable blockchain companies to efficiently scale customer base by getting access to our open source credit bureau. Providing our partners with the data on millions of un(der)served people, we are going to bring those customers to the new global crypto economy.

We are already working towards this goal. In August 2017, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Everex e-wallet (raised more 60,000 ETH during their token crowdsale). Using Everex e-wallet, we will start disbursement of “crypto-cash”, thus our customers will get their first loans in cryptocurrency (stable tokenized local currencies).

MicroMoney for people: Providing Micro-loans and Creating Reliable Credit Histories

Immediate loans for 2 billion unbanked and underbanked





Depending on the country, it’s hard or impossible to get unsecured loans for individual without credit record.

MicroMoney enables clients with no credit record to take out short-term loans.






To receive the loan in a bank or MFI, massive list of verification documents and collateral are required.

MicroMoney clients get immediate loans by applying online through a mobile app. No collateral or additional documents are required.

Market research shows that existing financial institutions in emerging Asian economies still cannot sufficiently address consumers’ needs for short-term loans:


Documents: ID + Family book + recommendation from police station + salary slips + recommendation from work. Collateral. Guarantor.

Micro Finance Companies:

Documents: ID + Family book / recommendation from police station / additional documents.

Collateral or Multi guarantors ( group loans )


Documents: ID.

Collateral Guarantor: Needed (Gold, Electronics etc.).

Unofficial Money Lenders and Loan “sharks”:

Documents: ID, Recommendation by existing client / Referral.

Collateral Guarantor: Negotiated.


Helping our clients build a credit record for future





Lack of centralized credit records database, lack of Credit Bureaus in the majority of Asian countries. Therefore, clients can’t build their credit record for future.

MicroMoney enables clients to build and secure their credit records for future by blockchain-based credit record database.  

By 2014, only 12.6% of adult population in Cambodia had a bank account or account in any other financial institution, and at the same time according to The World Bank statistics, about 60% of adult population report borrowing any money (by themselves or together with someone else) for any reason and from any source in the past 12 months. Similar statistics were demonstrated in Myanmar: 22.6% и 42.8% respectively. That means a million of people using unlicensed sources or receiving payday loans from pawn shops in cash. By doing that, they are not building their credit record, what’s more important, their financial record will be totally lost simply by relocating to another town. MicroMoney provides each client with scoring record using global score, similar to “FICO”. MicroMoney credit record base is being moved to blockchain, which guarantees safety and credibility of the information.

First purely-online company on the market





The overwhelming majority of Banks, MFIs, and pawn shops still operate offline or partially offline.

MicroMoney grants short-term loans by using a pure-online model with no paperwork in 15 minutes.

The financial market landscape in Asia region clearly demonstrates its readiness for purely-online business model:

  • Asia Pacific is a home for 3,8 bln people.

  • According to Statista, smartphone penetration is going to reach 35% all over across Asia Pacific (1.3 billion smartphones). At the same time, smartphone penetration in big cities and capitals already reached 60% and continuously increases.

  • An easy way to deliver and collect money due to well-developed and affordable money remittance with local payment systems. Banking payments are available for repayments as well.  

  • E-signing is recognized, thus all agreements may be executed online. It’s possible to confirm identity and execute scoring online.

  • There are no restrictions on digital advertisements for money lenders. Which makes lead generation easier. We pay less than 1 USD for each reliable borrower!

  • Simple legal setup. In the majority of countries licensing is very easy or not required for money lending as long as deposits are not taken. There are mostly no regulations about loan amount, its terms, and effective interest rates.

Rising financial awareness





Unbanked and underbanked people are not familiar with types and conditions of financial services they may benefit from.

MicroMoney provides its clients with consulting services, explaining how to open a bank account or install e-wallet.


According to The Global Findex Database, only 4% of unbanked adults declare that they don’t have a bank account because they just don’t need one. 355 million people have a bank account and still transfer money in cash within a country. MicroMoney call-center helps to open a bank account or install an e-wallet to the borrower’s smartphone. Thanks to MicroMoney consultants, thousands of customers opened the first bank account in their life.


MicroMoney for business: Acquiring New Customers by using our Big Data

Big Data & Credit Record Bureau on Blockchain

Even in countries with a developed lending market, credit bureau coverage remains low. For instance, in Indonesia, there are almost 10 thousand lending entities operating. Still, there are no countrywide credit bureaus. This inhibits market development and is not beneficial neither for business nor for customers.

According to The World Bank statistics, only 12.69% of the adult population with middle and low income is covered by a private credit bureau in Asia. There is still 0% coverage in some countries (such as Myanmar and Indonesia).


Private credit bureau coverage (% of adults).





Establishing any financial business in Asia may be complicated because of high risks. Lack of credit bureaus inhibits market development and harms both businesses and end-customers.

MicroMoney is going to provide paid access* to collected credit records, and exchange data with business partners.

* In case borrower’s permission is granted.

Big Data collected by MicroMoney may provide business value for banks and MFIs. It could be beneficial for e-commerce, telecom, and insurance industries as well. The data at MicroMoney’s disposal helps to facilitate access to a new audience, segment potential customers by interests, and effectively target consumer offers. Thus, the business gets an opportunity to reduce risks, and MicroMoney customers receive more advantageous consumer offers.

Protection of personal information is our priority. We respect our customers’ personal data and never pass it on to a third party without customer’s consent.

Market Uptake and Use Cases

We want to enable worldwide banks, financial companies, e-commerce, and retail businesses to efficiently scale and serve more customers, who had no access to their services before.

We want to enable blockchain companies to efficiently scale their customer base by getting access to open source credit bureau with millions of un(der)served people. We want those people to become a part of the new global decentralized crypto economy.

MicroMoney will provide access to its data through an API platform. Our technical expert team is constantly improving the algorithm that processes information. Within several months the entire pool of existing credit records will be moved to blockchain. Therefore, the safety and reliability of the collected information will be guaranteed.

For now, we keep credit records and customer’s data in our Big Data Warehouses. The records will be transferred to a blockchain ledger after the completion of the Token Crowdsale. Our goal is to make MicroMoney a decentralized database of credit records and Big Data Bureau on a blockchain. Our technology will allow our partners to backup borrowers’ personal data (e.g., credit records or any other data we get from customers’ smartphones) in a secure, private, and anonymous manner.

Market uptake is rising

We forecast high demand on our Big Data and credit records. We are developing open source credit bureau, where depersonalised data will be fully free of charge. Access to personalised information and AI Neural Networks Predictive Scoring will be granted on a paid basis (only if a customer agreed to share his personal data with third parties).


MicroMoney for Local Partners: Scaling Business Worldwide

Due to the experience in different local markets and comprehensive marketing and legal research, MicroMoney has developed the algorithms of expanding the business to new countries. Currently, we are ready to start an international franchise.

Access to MicroMoney financial and legal expertise will enable our potential partners to enter emerging markets worldwide.

We provide our franchise partners with all necessary market research, risk management knowledge, scoring know-how, and detailed business plans to start their own profitable business.

MicroMoney provides to its franchise:

  • Comprehensive legal and marketing research for a target country.

  • Proven business model, financial forecast and costs estimation.

  • Access to our neural network-based scoring system.

  • Expertise and scripts for customer care and debt collection.

  • Variety of consulting services while setting up.

We are proud to announce that two franchise contracts are already signed:

Mr Frans Purnama, a chairman of Indonesia Microfinance Association with 50,000,000 active borrowers, became our partner in Indonesia. Mr Madhawa Edussuriya, who is an owner of a large microfinance company Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited, became our partner in Sri Lanka.

In October 2017, we are going to sign a contract with Mr China Muoka, our new partner in Nigeria.


Business Expansion

Short-term Expansion Strategy



Launch Date


Successfully Operating



Successfully Operating



Successfully Operating



Ready for Launch

2017 Q3

Sri Lanka

Ready for Launch

2017 Q3


Ready for Launch

2017 Q3


Pre-agreement with Local Partner is signed

2017 Q4

Business plan is developing


Looking for local partners

2017 Q4


Looking for local partners

2017 Q4

Hong Kong

Looking for local partners

2018 Q1


Looking for local partners

2018 Q1

Long-Term Expansion Strategy


South Korea

Looking for local partners



Africa region

Conducting Market and Legal Research


Latin America

Conducting Market and Legal Research



Core Milestones

USD 1,000,000 raised

Total serving market size: Potential market volume of unbanked and underbanked customers


Scoring and Product

Customers Acquisition


Decentralised Credit Bureau on Blockchain is launched.

Start of global expansion.

AI Neural Network scoring improvements.

New financial products.

Connection to crypto-cash e-wallets.

100,000 unique customers additionally acquired.

USD 5,000,000 raised

Total serving market size: Potential market volume of unbanked and underbanked customers


Scoring and Product

Customers Acquisition


Risk management and Scoring systems are ready for local partners and as a White Label.

Start of using decentralised AI Neural Networks.

300,000 unique customers additionally acquired.

USD 10,000,000 raised

Total serving market size: Potential market volume of unbanked and underbanked customers


Scoring and Product

Customers Acquisition


Crypto Economy integration: all loans and payments are moved to Smart Contracts on Blockchain.

- Savings Deposits Services.

- P2P lending platform development.

1,000,000 unique customers additionally acquired.

USD 15,000,000 raised

Total serving market size: Potential market volume of unbanked and underbanked customers


Scoring and Product

Customers Acquisition


Online financial platform is ready for local partners and as a White Label.

Franchise marketplace and Crowdfunding platform are launched to help entrepreneurs with growing their business on undeveloped

emerging markets.

5,000,000 unique customers additionally acquired.

USD 30,000,000 raised

Total serving market size: Potential market volume of unbanked and underbanked customers


Scoring and Product

Customers Acquisition


Financial DAO. Fully decentralised autonomous organisation. Financial marketplace, Credit Histories & Big Data Bureau, Risk management and Scoring based on Artificial Neural Networks.

"Online Crypto Bank & Marketplace" Franchise is ready for local partners and as a White Label.

25,000,000 unique customers additionally acquired.

Executive team


Sai Hnin Aung
Co-founder, COO
LinkedIn | Skype


Anton Dzyatkovskiy
Co-founder, CIO
LinkedIn | Facebook


Oknha Sorn Sokna
SONATRA Group, Cambodia
Facebook | Medium


Mr Tetsuji Nagata
SONATRA Group, EW Capital
LindedIn | Facebook


Mr Yoshiyuki Taira
Grand Corporation Osaka


Mr Yojiro Tsutsumi
Grand Corporation Osaka


Pasan Madhawa Edussuriya
Micromoney Sri Lanka
LinkedIn | Facebook | Medium


Fransiskus Djaka Purnama
Micromoney Indonesia
LindedIn | Medium


China Muoka
Micromoney Nigeria
LinkedIn | Facebook | Skype


July Phoo
MicroMoney Myanmar, COO
LindedIn | Skype | Medium


Bhannathorn Sangsuk
MicroMoney Thailand, GM
LinkedIn | Skype


Tin Htut Aung
Micromoney Myanmar
LinkedIn | Skype

See full team and advisory board >>

Advisory board


Alex Mashinsky
Founder & CEO Celsius Network


Roel Wolfert
Bancor, Qoin, Visa
LinkedIn | Medium


Jack Huang
UN United Nations
LinkedIn | Medium


Xiaochen Zhang
UN Digital Economy, GreenPeace


Naru Julia
Agrello (raised $10mln), Japan



Ben Theobald
Partner in Latin America
LinkedIn | Medium


Andrey Kopysov
Facebook. London, UK
LinkedIn | Medium


Nehemia Kramer
BankEx, Blockchain Consortiums
LindedIn | Medium


Sergey Sergienko
Chronobank, Australia


Charles Leslie
COO of Starbase, Japan


Howard H. Kim
CEO JYC Holdings



Kirill Sherman
Nordea, BP, Morgan Stanley


See full team and advisory board >>


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