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1. What we are making?

2. Our previous projects / Background.

3. Our current game - Epic Loot Hunters.

4. Market validation

5. How marketplace and token would work?

6. How we will earn and make token valuable?

7. What you will get as an early investor?

8. Roadmap and Development stages

9. How funds would be used?

10. Our Project pages.

What we are making?

Imagine that your 10,000 hours of playing time are not lost as it happens to millions of us every day, but they would be somehow presented as a real value, the game economy would give you and millions of other people the opportunity to bring virtual assets and benefit to other people - receiving something real in return.

What we can do with that?

Initially, we as a game developers with more than 6 years development experience in creating cross-platform games and marketplaces, as well as games for Disney, Game-Insight, Arcanestudios, NintendoUSA, S2 Studios, BNA Studios - were doing different games, and getting involved in solving this problem, we understood that the competition in this this area will not be simple, and we need to make a high-quality platform and a very strong title (game) in which there will be both an e-sports component and an ordinary economic one.

Here, in fact, the case helped us, because before we understood this problem, we were just making a game called Epic Loot Hunters. Even before this idea, we started to make a game and took a very popular setting of the Runescape game, in which there remained a large audience, but which some time ago was pretty spoiled.

How big is the market?

The audience of the game represents 250M accounts, this is recorded in the -Guinness Book of World Records, with a large audience of the game people of 27+ years, we also spent a lot of the time in Runescape by the ourselves and we know where the developers have failed and this information is open and the Runescape developer Jagex even took a video about the history of the game, which openly indicated the problem points in the game's history.


What we did before:

Brawlstar Legends -


Tanzia -


My Country 3D -


My Country AR -


Excubitor -


Moana -


Empires Apart -


Our Project - Epic Loot Hunters:

Epic Loot Hunters will bring adoption of an accessible eye to the familiar hero based gameplay of Runescape classic 2001-2005.


Why did we pick Runescape players as a target market?

We know that Runescape is more popular than World of Warcraft thanks to Google Trends, but their main auditory is not growing.


Runescape had a positive growth until 2007, when they changed the core mechanics, we want to revive and cover this niche of 250M of accounts.

Even threads at reddit proove this:


You can check it here: - very stable, but not growing Concurrent Users base since 2013.

We are making game based on Runescape core mechanics, due to good popularity and demand.

As we know from this movie:

Summarizing this video, we can understand why they have failed at 2005 and 2007 doing such things as:

  • Limiting PVP system;

  • Limiting trading system;

  • Changing overall game mechanics.

How can we make it better:

  • Return original combat system like in original Runescape;

  • Return trading system;

  • Return original mechanics;

  • Provide Game for 250M+ people, who know its mechanics and 27+ years old.

Marketplace working scheme:


Authentication via Blockstack:

Provide integration to use Blockstack app as authorization method to service or any other services.

users may authorize via any other method if they don't want to stay anonymous or control data storage by their own.


User authority:

User may be granted special authorities by their activity level on As an example, user may administer other user's listings, make their own apps, track other user suspicious behaviour.


User profile:

Provide a dashboard panel where user can check / edit account, wallet and personal information details


Market dashboard:

Place where you can overview all of offers available in market. User could sort offers by application type / name / etc, offer type (buy / sale) and other criteria. Obviously, it also provide overview of users inventory and and current item listings. As a handy tool, we plan to provide summary reports of your sales and purchases to track what items are best to trade for a given user.



There's a different type of administration tiers. First of all, administration from user perspective, where he can create apps; manage access to apps; create voting & rating forms; manage application selling items.

The higher tier is administration by service. It's used to control market - block suspicious users & transactions; manage scam comments and control.

Market & Auction screenshots:



How token would work?


  • Trade can be ingame (it requires 2 people attending at it) or auction based (async) when one of the players put their items to auction.

  • Trade can be done only with items which are produced ingame, so Premium Items, Chests and Customisation is not tradeable it makes Tokens more valuable in terms of mechanics.

  • Comission size depending by amount of people (more people - less comission), but not more than 10% from the trade.

The Opportunity with ArenaPlay Token Crowd investment

With a more than 250M addressable people market (i.e. only Runescape, not mentioning other games, which possibly will be published at our marketplace), getting 5 Million of players or 2.5%, will result in a large turnover and revenues month by month, making possibility to push the coin price higher due to in-game exchange and purchasing power.

With a $108.9 billion gaming market, we are watching to expand our game to new heights at eSports and Competition gaming, making headliner PvP game, but also providing convenient decentralized platform for any game goods<->token exchange for any game developers. Because Runescape has a huge community, we plan to have YouTube marketing with enormous amount of fans of Runescape. Facebook, Youtube, Reddit will be main drivers in marketing of the game. We plan to spend at least 19% of received tokens for marketing.

How you will earn guys, what is your economical model?


Most noticable things:

  • Turnover at 100 000 people is already more than total amount of tokens.

  • Even 10 000 people will make clear demand for tokens.

  • Our earnings will be not less than 2M USD per year, which would grant a massive support for tokens as well.

  • We plan to have more than 1M people playing our game, so the demand on token will make token growth amount to more than 3200%, if we count from the 75% discount.


What you will get as an early investor?


We produce 1B of ArenaPlay Tokens and crowd investment  90% of them by those stages:

Crowd investment stage 1 - PreICO 5% of tokens with 75% discount now.

Crowd investment stage 2 - ICO 15% of tokens with 25% discount after 3 months of development, after Complete Game prototype will be ready.

Crowd investment stage 3 - Massive ICO 70% of tokens with 0% discount, but programmable growth, after Platform and Full Game will be provided for beta test and we will be sure in tokens turnover.

  • We leave 10% for our purposes with 18 months guaranteed non-spending time;

  • Tokens sold in game and used in marketplace as premium currency, so they have real value after marketplace and game start

  • Investor can put his tokens for sale through the system when the marketplace and our Game Epic Loot Hunters will launch;

  • Token price is not tied to the amount of tokens, so demand and market define its price by itself, providing tokens a possibility to grow at enormous amount of time.

  • We don't make a crowd investment of the last 70% of ArenaPlay tokens until we will not cover turnover value matched or not less than 20 000 of players started to play our game. That makes your investments on every step of crowd investment safe.

Roadmap and development stages



How funds would be used?


  • Research and Development 60%

  • Marketing 19%

  • Bounty campaign 1%

  • Operations 15%

  • Legal 5%

Few words:

We, as game developers taking zero responsibility for our players, alienating and perceiving them as cash cows, for more than 20 years, we behave like barbarians and conquistadors, offering colored beads in exchange for gold and the most important - the time and attention of people, such a strategy can not exist forever. It is not a positive influence for the development of mankind and the gaming industry as a whole. What is confirmed by all factors we met now: the cost of attracting users is constantly growing, same titles appear for years at same marketplaces, cannibalistic methods of promoting games and applications when people paid in one app by virtual currency to be promoted to another acted as not a customers, but as a advertising watchers or as a slaves increasing complicated struggle and race to the bottom to the price and up to the quality, asking for more polished demand without any background itself, we are taking the most important from users providing not a positive user experience and quality as a work of fun and scenario, but providing mechanism to maximize retention, taking conversion instead of real feedback. Thus we perceiving maximum from our users by analytics knowing their behaviour better than they do, but when they leave we leave nothing behind.

We are here to change this. We want to create and support ecosystem which is built to resolve issue with high quality games backed by us and players, where the games would provide a real valuation of the players time.

Seems it is likely started to be supported by Google, Facebook investor, by Epic Games CEO and others persons.

Our Project pages:


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