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12 Oct, 2017 - 13 Oct, 2017 Campaign Duration
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1,209.00 ETH Soft cap
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On Storiqa you will get access to millions of goods from all over the world for cryptocurrency and STQ tokens

What is Storiqa

Storiqa is a marketplace aimed at creating online stores with an opportunity of payment in cryptocuurency. We will unite manufactures from all over the world and provide them with the tools for distributing unique goods without financial borders and intermediaries.


E-commerce problems and our solution

For the period of existence of the crowdfounding platform Boomstarter which we founded in 2012 we found many times that really prospective short-run productions cannot enter an international market. 

We got to understand that such enterprises:

•    Do not have an effective and available sales tools;
•    Do not have means for competent marketing execution;
•    Do not have an opportunity to maintain service at international business level.

On the other hand, a customer faces problems too:

•    a discrepancy between the goods as described and the actual goods themselves (while purchasing the goods that are not serial);
•    being impossible to test honesty of responses on the Internet;
•    the risk of sending prepayment  to an anonymous seller;
•    being impossible to make payments in cryptocurrency (considering very dynamic development of the crypto world).

We know what the solution is – the marketplace Storiqa

•    having a set of professional tools for international trade (for a seller);
•    having an access to millions of unique goods which can be paid for in cryptocurrency or STQ tokens (for a buyer).

Goods can be bought and sold for cryptocurrency and STQ tokens as well as for fiat currency. 

The key benefits of Storiqa:

1.    The unique goods from all over the world on Storiqa for cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens

Buy millions of real goods for cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens getting the best exchange rate and maintaining operations with fiat money.

2.    Placing the goods on the platform and paying for all the services of  Storiqa in STQ tokens

Pay in STQ tokens for including goods into a catalog and using professional marketing tools. Pay with the tokens for localization, descriptions and photos of goods which are to be made by participants of a community.

3.    8+ ready for use effective tools for successful sales, business analytics and work with customers at an international level.

4.    Honest responses

Smart contract seals the interaction between the buyer and the seller, so this is the reason why only a person who made a purchase can leave a comment about the product.

5. A safe bargain through smart contract

While transferring money the buyer can be sure that the sum will be received on the seller’s account only if the shipment reached its intended destination.

6. Guaranteed quality

We take responsibility for quality management and guarantee that the seller makes a shipment according to a product card and a given description to the buyer. 

7. Protecting the buyer’s interests and arbitrating by Storiqa

In case the product was damaged by carrier in the process of transportation the buyer can apply for arbitration to Storiqa, and after consideration of the application we will give a full or partial refund of the product cost.

STQ token

The token issued by Storiqa is the key element of the marketplace operations.


Why STQ token will be demanded?

•    For STQ the seller can get everything necessary for running a private store: place the goods on the platform and pay for the services of  Storiqa. 
•    The buyer, in turn, can purchase any preferable products for tokens. At the same time purchasing for STQ tokens will be more beneficial because of the low commission. 
•    Also STQ tokens will become an instrument of paying referral fees and rewarding for offers in internal CPA network. 

Consequently, the token is maximally integrated into the activities of the marketplace having an influence on its cost: as the project grows and the new functions are developed the token cost will be constantly increasing.

CEO Storiqa

Our project team is comprised of many people who participated in other successful ventures and investment campaigns. 

Ruslan Tugushev, Storiqa’s founder, is the co-owner of Boomstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform in Russia; and owner of Tugush investment platform. In 2012, Boomstarter received the Most Socially Significant Startup jury’s award during the Startup of the Year Awards. Under a single year, the platform hosted over 1,000 user-created projects (over 100 of them successfully crowdfunded) with more than 20,000,000 rubles received for crowdfunding at a monthly growth of 30-35%. The project “Operation of the Boomstarter crowdfunding platform” receives support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.





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