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ILP - platform for intelligent learning of people

«We will create conditions for a faster evolution of mankind»

The ILP platform at the stage of the full BETA version

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Problem view

In today's world, humanity is paying too little attention to educating its children, its new generation. And those parents (or entire communities) who are actively trying to work on teaching a new generation face many problems: the inconvenient and not optimized technical component of the process, lack of motivation, laziness, opportunity to cheat and so on … The combination of these factors on a young person (up to 20-25 years) entails the degradation of a large percentage of humanity, which in turn entails the most negative processes on our land.

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ILP is a multi-level platform for intelligent learning of people which at the earliest stage of a person's formation, will form him:

  • in a morally clean environment;

  • with smart technical tools;

  • with motivation.

What will allow humanity to reach a completely new pace of its evolution.

ILP joins all participants in the educational process in one place making it the most transparent and useful.

For students ILP can provide the most comprehensive and structured learning information, additional literature, working tools, tools to stimulate the student's development, etc ...

For parents ILP provides the highest quality monitoring of children's activities: assessments, academic performance, attendance, behavior ... Now children will not have the opportunity to keep something back or to deceive their parents, that's why children will get accustomed to honest work!

For teachers ILP provides a variety of working tools, tools for communication with parents and students, tools that motivate teachers to do their job better … Teachers will be able to promptly inform parents about problems and, together with parents, supervise the development of students. Teachers will also be able to develop their own teaching methods and so on ...

And much more …

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Platform consists of three priority components:

1. Technical component;

2. Component of motivation of students, teachers and other participants;

3. Component of human moral development.

1. Technical component

ILP brings together all possible participants in the process, creating for them a convenient and useful online tools environment.

Platform technical structure:


1.1 Account of father or mother

- Viewing assessments of the child


- Viewing the child's homework


- Viewing attendance by day


- Viewing attendance of the child by lessons


- Viewing the schedule of lessons of the child


- Information about payment for services


- Information on important events in the school

- Notification on email


- View the availability of books in the library and their quantity


- Communication with any of the participants (parents, students, teachers ...)

- and much more

1.2 Student account

- the student account includes all the above functions

- plus it can be all information on the curriculum, additional literature, working tools, tools to stimulate the development of the student.

1.3 Teacher Account

- Assessment of pupils, comments on assessments


- Sending a home job


- Record keeping attendance of students


- Commenting on student behavior

- Schedule of subjects for the teacher

- Information on important events in the school

- Notification on email

- Communication with any of the participants (parents, students, teachers ...)

- and much more

1.4 Library administrator account

- The maintenance of the documentation of the list of books in the library, and their quantity


- Documentation of the list of books issued to students


- Functions of issuing and receiving books



- Communication with any of the participants (parents, students, teachers ...).

1.5 Admin Account

- Administering an educational institution.

1.6 Technical support

- Technical support of the platform and all its participants.

2. Component of the motivation of students, teachers, and other participants

2.1 Inside the ILP platform there is a crypto currency ILPCoin; Besides ILP motivation fund was created within the platform, the fund composes 20% of total ILPCoin emissions, and is directed solely at motivating of all participants of the educational process, that is, the most successful students, teachers, educational institutions will receive rewards in the form of a crypto currency ILPCoin.

2.2 The mere fact that the system is transparent will encourage each participant to show better results.

3. Component of human moral development

System in which you can not deceive anyone, completely destroys the very thought of deception, so all students will develop in a morally healthy environment, and get used to the fact that success can only be achieved if you work hard.

ILP monetization back to menu

Who are our clients?

ILP platform is available for any type of educational institution: schools, higher education institutions, private schools and others ...

ILP platform business model

1. SaaS business model (monthly fee for the use of the ILP platform software).
2. PPC business model (advertising platform).

ILP platform prospects

There is no identical counterpart to my project at this time. Furthermore, the carefully thought-out ILP structure, my vision of the further project development and my experience will enable the platform to occupy a high position in the world market.

Market review

Imagine how many educational institutions are there in the whole world; perhaps, it will be difficult for you to count how many of them are there in your city.

And now imagine what if we reach at least 10 percent of the world educational institutions?

And that's not the limit at all.

In general, the market should develop exponentially, to considerable dimensions, which are currently difficult to calculate.

ILP platform economics back to menu

ILPCoin cryptocurrency lies at the core of the economics ILP platform.

Main tasks of ILPCoin in the ILP platform economics:

1. Stimulating students, teachers ... - 20% of the total ILPcoin emission is in the ILP motivation fund.

2. Popularizing and strengthening the position of the ILPCoin, and generally the cryptocurrency and blockchain, among all layers people throughout the world.

What do I mean?

The strength of the currency is primarily determined by the level of its popularity, stability and accessibility, and with the ILP platform we can introduce ILPCoin into a very large percentage of the world's population and consolidate it at a fundamental level, even when the student will know about ILPCoin and be able to get it.

3. Using ILPCoin will make possible to buy / carry out their advertising campaigns on the ILP platform.

When is ILPCoin going to appear on the exchange?

On what exchanges will ILPCoin come out?

Emissions of ILPCoin.

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Investor's profit

After conducting preICO ILP and ICO ILP there are 3 directions of investor's capital increase:

1. Cryptocurrency ILPCoin.

2. Cryptocurrency KickCoin.

3. 49% of stocks of ILP company is shared between preICO ILP and ICO ILP investors depending on the volume of their investment.

1. Cryptocurrency ILPCoin for investor

1.1 POS mining (or in other words - deposit) with a profitability of +3% monthly and on an ongoing basis.

For example:

2018.02.01 there are 1 000 000 ILPCoin in your wallet.

2018.03.01 there are already + 3%, that is 1 030 000 ILPCoin in your wallet.

2018.04.01 there are already another + 3%, that is 1 060 900 ILPCoin in your wallet.

And so on ...

1.2 Profit on the difference of rate, more details below:


Approximately 3 months after entering the exchanges, the price will stay at one level, further there will be a long-term ascending trend.

1.3 Using ILPCoin it will be possible to buy additional services on the ILP platform, such as advertising.

2. Cryptocurrency KickCoin for investor

2.1 By investing in ILP you will also receive a KickCoin cryptocurrency (due to the features of the platform KickICO) - more about KickCoin read here.

2.2 Using KickCoin it will be possible to buy additional services on the ILP platform, such as advertising.

3. 49% stocks ILP

In the future, I am going to take the company to the US Nasdaq Stock Market and distribute a 49% of shares between preICO ILP and ICO ILP investors.

49% of shares are distributed according to the volume of your investment in preICO ILP and ICO ILP.

If, for example, your total investment in PreICO ILP and ICO ILP is 10% of the total, you will receive 10% of 49% of stocks, which is 4.9%.

If, for example, you personally buy all the tokens on PreICO ILP and ICO ILP, you'll get all 49% of the stocks.

In case of successful preICO ILP realization I will make the official website of the company within 7-14 days, publish the volume of inflow of each of the investors, I will provide the possibility to all investors to send their contacts so that in future I could contact and distribute 49% of stocks.

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Enter the long-term ascending trend!

I have prepared the most profitable offer for you in a very promising project.


Investor's bonus

Besides, right after preICO ILP i want to say thank you to all investors who will provide the most significant support. PreICO ILP Bonus fund comes up to 28 000 000 ILPcoin, and is divided as follows:


If, for example, one investor buys all quantity of tokens on the preICO ILP then he will receive all the bonuses accordingly, in the amount of 28,000,000 ILPcoin.

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Team back to menu

At the moment my team - is just me :)

But as you can see, I'm a lot of things - and when I put a team together the things will develop much faster.

About me


My site

My profile in in-TREND

My profile in the VK

My Skype

Questions and answers back to menu

ILP advertising platform

ILP platform will cover a large audience, so I decided to create an advertiser account :) where it will be possible to conduct a variety of advertising campaigns, taking into account geo-targeting, age, interests, solvency and other clusters of all ILP participants from around the world.

ILP motivation - what is it?

ILP motivation - is a fund composing of 20% of all ILPCoin crypto currency emissions.

It was created solely as an additional tool for stimulating pupils, teachers ... of the ILP platform.

A certain amount of prizes will be allocated for each institution to be distributed among the most successful pupils, teachers on an annual basis.

It will be supported by POS mining, with an increase of 3% per month.

When is ILPCoin going to appear on the exchange?

I plan to bring ILPCoin to the markets after a large-scale advertising campaign of the product and large-scale implementation of ILP in educational institutions around the world, which are planned for 2018.11 - 2019.01. Read more in road map ILP.

On what exchanges will ILPCoin come out?

Priority exchanges are: Bitfinex, BitFlyer, Bithumb, Bitstamp,, GDAX, Kraken, HitBTC, Bittrex, Poloniex, Huobi, Gemini, Korbit, Coinone.

Emissions of ILPCoin

Initial emission is 1 billion ILPCoin:


Further emission will occur according to the principle of POS mining, and make up + 3% monthly.

POS mining (or in other words: deposit interest rate) will start on 2018.11.01.

WhitePaper ILP back to menu

WhitePaper ILP - PDF

WhitePaper ILP - Google Drive

The algorithm of the ILP smart contract back to menu

Initial emission of ILPCoin.

On 2018.11.01 - deposit interest rate (PoS mining) will be activated for all wallets and it will add + 3% monthly, on a continuous basis - that is, on every first day of the month, + 3% ILPCoin will be added to the wallet.

What is the minimum amount of funds to be collected for preICO and ICO?

Minimum sum 200 ETH, limit 2000 ETH.

If after conducting of preICO ILP and ICO ILP campaign, there will be some amount of ILPCoin from the whole ILPCoin emission it will be credited to ILP motivation fund.