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We help airline and travel companies to build loyal customers, increase sales and improve conversion by re-engaging website visitors effectively via web push notification, email, SMS and on-site display forms using big data and marketing automation. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Key Metrics

  • Generated 8 Million USD GMV with 0.3M USD in revenue
  • 15M+ Data Profiles Recorded
  • 500+ Registered customers including big brands such Etihad, Air Seychelles, Nile Air, Musafir, PHILTOA Organization and Informa.

We are raising 

We chose KickICO as our preferred partner.

20,000 ETH for 20% of the company to continuously develop the platform and to decentralize our application by implementing Ethereum blockchain to facilitate our data collection and verify the performance of the campaign.

Additionally, we will hire a key sales team to close airlines leads that we have in the pipeline. Plan to raise a further round in 12-18 months to turn up the heat on marketing.

For Investors

Token holders are entitled to future (ADT) profits. Tokens invested to can only be used for participation in the ecosystem as a representation of your virtual share of the company, proof of the investment, paying for services, or as a method of compensation paid by to token holders.

All our investors will receive a 10% discount in (ADT) Tokens if they invest through the KickICO platform. This is to ensure that our early adopters get the best deal since they are the ones that believe in us from the start. This is also to promote KickICO and the value they offer.

Problems / Pain Points


  • The complexity of gathering all relevant behavioral and customer data across the web and mobile platforms.
  • Lack of resources and time to analyze customer and campaign data.
  • Decay in the value of analysis to turn into action across all channels.



  • Simple install like Google Analytics
  • Data Management Platform that provides real-time 360-degree customer view
  • Personalised message on a 1-to-1 level and segment rules across all channels.
  • Performance-based marketing platform that enables marketers to re-engage, convert & retain customers.

Why Use



Target Market


  • Global digital marketing spend has grown over the past few years. eMarketer forecasts this to reach $335 billion by 2020.
  • Assuming travel makes up 7%of total digital marketing spend, this results in a figure of $23 Billion.

  • We believe we can tap 5% of the market share of this market and achieve of $1.5 billion

Performance Based Model

We are a performance based company. We don’t take manage service fee, setup, agency fee or any subscription. We get paid to engage with inactive users that converts and books to the website thru audience platform capability.

Audience Technology engine provides a holistic view of the customer profile and it allows to create custom segmentation and uses these capabilities to influence users to convert. It is a cross device platform, which means it allows to provide omni-channel experience across multiple devices. 5152bd2a8924698.png

360-degree Profile View

Create personalized marketing for each customer by organizing them into appropriate segments.


Custom Segmentation to Address Business Needs

Create user segments based on who the user is and what it does and automatically send personalized message when the users behavior matches all of the conditions that were set:


Web Push Notification


Email Marketing


Onsite Display


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Use Cases





How to Get Started




  • Data Network Effects: creating recommendation from historical user behavior. A competitor won't be able to provide good recommendations to users until they have lots of users, but users won't switch to a competitor once they're used to your good recommendations.
  • Customer Lock-in : high integration costs or they don't want to lose their historical data. Software and APIs are so deeply integrated into a lot of organizations that those organizations would have to spend massive time and money to switch to a competing product.
  • Low Advertising cost: keep user acquisition cost lower than the competitor
  • Long term contract: exclusive agreement with key customers

The Team 

Driven by a talented team of developers, designers,  marketing experts with a vast knowledge in airline and travel industry to lay the base for exponential growth of the platform.

db284f247cfaffd.pngJon Santillan - Founder
Experience: Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi Media, Searchfuse, Strategy Marketing
12 years international experience in digital marketing.

ad43d2335c823f8.pngVineeth Vijayan - Business Development
Experience: Rocket Internet

c35d8ff12175f1c.pngBinay Deora - Business Development
Experience: EazyCoach Consultant

9a496f0b98857c3.pngPawel Iwanow - Advisor
Experience: Board Member Hero Leads, Mountain Partners, Board Observer Vevo

48e647044787165.pngRichard Sullivan - Advisor
Experience: SVP Leadbot, SVP INMOBI, Abu Dhabi Media


358f4e1a5170719.pngCorrina Cross - Advisor
Experience: Strategy Marketing, The Peoples People

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