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SGA Consulting - is an innovating service, that allows you to gain an income from investments into a stock market.


We will prompt you, stocks of what Russian companies, when to buy or when to sell, in order to earn much MORE than a bank deposit or a trust management. You shouldn’t have special professional knowledge or skills

Service advantager

  • You get a revenue вhigher, than from depositing
  • It is not necessary for you to see into the trends of the stock market, we do it for you
  • You give simply an order to a stock broker to fulfill a bargain according to an sms-recommendation gained from us.
  • You manage your cash funds in your own way, we don’t take money for the trust management
  • Reliability. Use of block technology technologies in the SGA service allows you to evaluate the history of generated trading recommendations.


How it works

  1. You sign a contract with a bank or a broker for a brokerage service
  2. You register at the SGA site
  3. You get an sms “We are buying stocks” and you buy stocks
  4. You get an sms “We are selling stocks” and you sell stocks
  5. You fix your revenue


Development of SGA Consulting began in 2014. In 2017 for the residents of Russia became available to use the service in the implementation of operations on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.

Today in the SGA Consulting project implemented:

  • An automatic system continually on-line analysis and monitor the situation in the financial markets.
  • The project site
  • On-line payment service packages SGA Consulting according to tariffs for payment cards of international payment systems.
  • Created and available for downloads to mobile apps for IOS and Android .
  • Automatic generation and sending shopping recommendations (sms, to your personal account and mobile app) the SGA Consulting for transactions on the Russian stock exchange MICEX.
  • Personal account with a subscription the existing service packages.
  • On 01.09.2017 service SGA Consulting already enjoy almost 1 000 clients from Russia and CIS countries.


Innovation services identified the following factors:

  • The Mechanism of profit by the customer. The client should only follow strictly the resulting trade recommendations.
  • The Minimum requirements to become a client of the SGA. The client does not need to possess any knowledge on the financial markets trading, have some skills and experience. There is no dependence on gender, age, work profession, education, and other factors. It is only necessary to have free money and mobile phone to become a client of SGA and to use the service in full.
  • The Minimum necessary for the work time. Requires only a few minutes by opening and closing positions in financial markets according to the received shopping recommendations.
  • Yield. The lack of options for obtaining the same profit on the rate of return/required resources and time.
  • The Minimum risk. The service is completely automatic on-line and continually analyzes the situation in the financial markets and open customer positions. The complete absence of the human factor. Conducted deep and detailed tests of the service in real time and on historical data of financial markets, especially in times of significant fluctuations on different trading instruments.
  • Use of blockchain technologies in the SGA service.

In case you pay with SGA Coin, you will receive a 50% discount on any tariff plan

Road map


Attracted by the ICO on the investment will be used for:

  • Blockchain technologies will be used in the SGA service. SGA Consulting's trading recommendations will use blockchain technology to ensure transparency in the quality of trade recommendations for future customers who will be able to obtain and evaluate reliable service data for the previous period of time.
  • The repayment of debt incurred in connection with the implementation of the project SGA Consulting..
  • Current expenditure related to the activities of the service.
  • Creating a new version of the international website SGA Consulting with support for over 20 languages.
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment and software associated with maintaining the quality of service to growing customer base, service and optimization.
  • The signing and monthly funding agreements with the leading 25 global stock exchanges to supply Real-time market data needed to implement the service, SGA Consulting on data exchanges.( NYSE,NASDAQ, LSE,TSE, ASE, Euronext, etc.). The service will be represented on exchanges in North America, Asia, Europe, and Scandinavia.
  • The implementation and testing of new trading instruments: derivatives, futures, indices, currency pairs.
  • The advertising campaign on promotion of SGA Consulting service in the world.
  • Promotions and prizes drawing among the clients of the service.


SGA Consulting Team consists of 29 people. It includes 7 professional traders with years of trading experience, 14 of highly skilled technicians, and the group top management, consisting of 8 people.:



Slesarenko Andrey
Born on July 07, 1973, in Togliatti, Samara Oblast. Education – graduate degree. Andrey Slesarenko has more than 20 years experience in banking sector, stock markets, as well as in development of IT projects. He is a co-founder of several companies in real sector. Since 2016 Mr.Slesarenko develops SGA Consulting project.

Marina Kardakova
Education – graduate degree. Marina Kardakova has more than 20 years working in banking sector, as well as in the field of financial services and consulting. Since 2016 Mrs.Kardakova develops SGA Consulting project. Vkontakte

Kiselev Alexander
Alexandr Kiselev has a university degree in information technologies. He has over 10 years of experience in IT technologies, as well as more than 5 years of management of IT projects developers teams. He has a professional knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies. Mr.Keselev is an expert in developing mobile and web applications. Since 2016 Alexandr Kiselev develops SGA Consulting project throughout all stages of development and management. Vkontakte  Facebook

Sergey Golovanov
Education – graduate degree. Sergey Golovanov has more than 14 years of trading experience on stock and exchange markets. He shared his experience and knowledge of trading in stock and exchange markets, teaching in one of the leading brokerage companies in Russia. Since 2016 Mr.Golovanov develops SGA Consulting project, as well as he is one of the founders of the project business-idea. Vkontakte

Resnyanskaya Olesya
Education – graduate degree. Basic direction of activity is negotiating with strategic partners and preparation of business analytics reports. Since 2016 Mrs.Resnyanskaya develops SGA Consulting project. Vkontakte

Klyatysheva Svetlana
Education – graduate degree. Svetlana Klyatysheva speaks two foreign languages. Miss Klyatysheva is a specialist in the field of strategic branding and PR. Her basic direction of activity is marketing definition of development directions of our business product in the market, market analysis, PR companies organization. Since 2016 Svetlana Klyatysheva develops SGA Consulting project. Vkontakte

Elistratova Natalia
Education – graduate degree. Natalia Elistratova has 10 years of experience in banking sector, trading in the stock market. Her basic direction of activity is preparation of business plans, development strategies in accordance with the current situation on the market. Since 2016 Mrs.Elistratova develops SGA Consulting project. Vkontakte

Yastrebov Victor
Education – graduate degree. Basic direction of activity is assessment of legal liability and compliance with state laws, participation in partner negotiations and negotiations with clients. Since 2016 Mr.Yastrebov develops SGA Consulting project.

Malysheva Julia
Education – graduate degree. Julia Malysheva has over 8 years of experience as a designer, as well as more than 5 years of designers teams managing. Miss Malysheva has a wide experience with UX and UI. Since 2016 Miss Malysheva develops SGA Consulting project. Vkontakte



Independent consultant, blockchain revolutionary, experienced sales and marketing specialist. Specialization in project management, web and international marketing.

George is an active crypto-currency entrepreneur with extensive experience in the market of blockchain-technologies. Worked with more than a hundred companies as a marketing strategy consultant.



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