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Star-Lord: let's play together!


"Star-Lord" is a browser space online game, in the genre of economic strategy, where you can see various elements such as: development of social, public, political and economic institutions are worked out in detail. The main game element - battles in the genre of strategy and global tactical control, affecting the course of combat when capturing entire planets and also when managing small battles.

If you wanna see the current version of the game in Russian, click here. The localized version in English will be launched in the 1st Q of 2018.


Game Features

  • An original humorous plot, based on the confrontation of two immortal alchemists in the cosmic universe, where three kind of races predominate. They are: 1) undead that plunged into communism and the bureaucracy, 2) a very religious people of robots and 3) bionics - just demons!

  • On the background of the provocative setting is a serious balance and fascinating gameplay in the best traditions of Heroes of Might and Magic and Master of Orion;

  • 6 branches of science and hundreds of different studies, which can get a player;

  • Space and planetary battles designed to revive the old school of cosmic browser strategies;

  • An extensive system of quests and scenario battles, written by a game designer with 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. In the portfolio of authors there is work on large projects in Mail.Ru,such as Panzar and other successful browser and social games.


The game is distinguished by a good atmosphere of good old games, where evil conquers with its indestructible grandeur, and well admires with firmness and steadfastness.



Game Concept


This story is about a distant future. Technological development has moved wars into space. Alchemy has become an ordinary part of this world. Three powerful races clashed in a bloody war for power.


Exciting events of universal scale begin with a confrontation between the two strongest alchemists: Svyatogor and Callista. Svyatogor - a man for whom the main will and freedom, and Callista - the lord of the undead, which operates on the basis of severe logic and strict order.


Two of these great warriors met in the cosmic battlefield, in the battle for the ancient artifact - the legacy of another civilization. So powerful that it can completely change the world order in the whole universe, and give its owner the power of God. But something went wrong, and, as a result of the battle and misuse of the artifact, they were both locked in another dimension. Isolated forever, nevertheless they are so strong that they can influence the course of events in their own dimension - our world. Thus, almost gods, they lead dramatic events unfolding in the game universe.


In the world of "Star-Lord" three races:


  • The insidious undead of the Dark Empire;

  • Robots of Slavotek Corporation;

  • Bionics of the Renaissance Clan.


Between them unfolds the main events that players will have to manage. The outcome of this war is in your hands. Choose your side and lead it to victory.


Game plot


From the very beginning, the hero finds himself on a distant planet, in one of the boundary worlds. There are only ruins here. There is not even an elementary infrastructure, and the whole bureaucratic apparatus is drowning in corruption. Frequent attacks of pirates further weaken the planet, exsanguinated by corruption.


The hero is to build and organize the work of all social systems. Another important task is to find and eliminate the reasons which lead to a decline. We must not allow them to become stronger.


A planet that is strategic for the empire. The universe is on the brink of a global war. The marginal worlds must be protected especially strongly. This is the first line of defense.


Will hero be able to prevent the invasion of the enemy? Will the empire survive? If so, how will it happen?Everything will depend on the actions and decisions of the player


Game process


The basis of the game is a classical economic strategy with the management of the planet. The player is encouraged to develop the extraction, infrastructure and production capacity of his colonies. On your planet you need to build buildings, develop institutions, increasing their level and characteristics. The player is presented with a wide range of technologies for studying from such areas as: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Economics, Sociology, Alchemy.


The game is specially executed in the classic for retro-indie games style. Fans of the genre will appreciate this art.


The battle mode is no less important part of the game


PvP is represented through attacks on random worlds of other players, and PvE through scripted battles - battles that are accompanied by detailed descriptions and colorful illustrations. Together with the quests, they more widely reveal the history of the world "Star Lord".


Description of the race


The game is based on three kind of races, three great empires. The player can choose either side. Now the race of the Undead is already available.




Undead is the direct descendants of the old humanity. The dead raised by powerful alchemists to life, they don’t know peace. They will work and fight in the name of the Dark Empire. Realizing to bring a new order to this world, Emperor Callist fought a fierce war with the remaining people until he disappeared into oblivion with his fleet and the last people in the disaster on the planet Tanaris. The dead, left without their master, didn’t long to choose a new leader. And on the wreckage of the old empire, a new one was already being created.




Robots - the youngest race in the Milky Way galaxy. They were created by mankind to protect themselves from the dead warriors of Callista. Svyatogor, the leader of the last people, invested all the power of his alchemy in the creation of the machine mind. And when the old humanity disappeared from the face of the universe, the robots of the Slavotek Corporation were forced to seek a new destination in this world. The overmind, coordinating their actions quickly found healing in the new religion, replacing the service of people with rituals in digital temples.




Bionics - were born thanks to alchemy. So says the official version. A large alchemical explosion on one of the planets brought hundreds of species out of the ocean. Evolution has taken a new path, engendering unprecedented forms of life. Strict mores and the cult of force became the basis of the society of bionics. The global war of Callista and Svyatogor almost didn’t touch them. While mankind destroyed itself, bionics formed public institutions. Their young civilization doesn’t know quantum technology. Alchemy helped them in development.




Here the player is waiting for surprises!


There are all the heroes to choose from:Stalin-revived by alchemists commander of the dead armies, the vampire Napoleon- head of the legion of the undead, the Minister of Finance of the planet- Adam Smith or the crazy experimenter-Dr. Frankenstein and others. All these characters help or oppose the player. Thanks to their "lifetime" skills, the characters greatly expand the player's capabilities.


Participation in KICKONOMY

Why are we at KickICO?


We are at KICKICO, in order to complete a long work to create an exciting browser-based space strategy. It is this genre that we so lack in the modern Internet, and we believe that you will be interested in playing it and influencing your opinion and actions on the development of this unique universe.


What will you gain by supporting us?


We have worked out a flexible list of rewards for your support in launching the game. Choose the option that best suits you.




For each invested unit of money in the project, you will receive an additional equivalent in KC (KICKICO portal's cryptocurrency). You can spend these funds in any project or game that was or will be launched on the KICKICO site. Most importantly: for those users who will support our project now, 1 KC will be a multiple of 10 until all the KC collected during this campaign are spent.


KC (like the game hard-currency Antharius) can be spent on the purchase of in-game benefits in the Star Lord:


  • It will be possible to speed up the construction and hiring of troops.

  • Buy premium and other boosts for production.

  • Exchange for in-game currency Gold.


Reward to investors


0.02 ETH and more - Supportive

  • Thank you very much for your support!

  • 1000 Antharius game ($ 1 = 150 Antharius)


0.1 ETH - Lord:

  • 10 000 Antharius game.


0.25ETH - Emperor:

  • All the Lord's bonuses

  • Lifetime premium account

  • The golden sign of the founder.


Fundraising objectives on KICKICO: 200 ETH


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