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Magisters of Magic - Online 4X strategy preICO preICO
200.00 Soft Cap, ETH
1,000.00 Hard Cap, ETH
15 Aug, 2017 - 28 Aug, 2017 Campaign Duration
280,36 ETH Raised
79 Backers
13 Duration, days
200.00 ETH Soft cap
1,000.00 ETH Hard Cap

— Min pledge is 0.05 ETH;
— Set GAS 300 000 (unused gas will be returned to you);
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"Magisters of Magic" is a cross-platform online strategy that will be available on


ICO? Why?


We attract funds for marketing and development of the game. We have our own funds and promotion options. But we want to make the game available to a larger number of people all over the world. Therefore, we need additional funds. Most of attracted funds will be used to expand the team of developers and implementation of all the planned functionality.

Our Pre-ICO goal is to attract donations in the amount of 200 ETH. We want to show the maximum potential of the game on ICO.

Tokens Emission Rules

We will offer our tokens (MoMCoins) for sale with a discount and bonuses during Pre-ICO and ICO campaigns. We will buy tokens from token holders back after the game release, using KickCoins.


Kickonomy of the game uses KickCoin for any in-game payments. Thus, the backers will start to return their deposit immediately after the game's release through the automatic smart-contract.

Financial benefit

The price we will offer on the pre-ICO: 4500 MoMCoin tokens for 1 ETH. The cost of MoMCoin is firmly tied to the cost of KickCoin. The ratio is 1 : 1. In case the KickCoin token will cost as much as it costs now, backers will earn 1.5 times more they have donated. In case the KickCoin token will cost 2 times more as it costs now, backers will earn 3 times more they have donated. KickCoin payouts to backers will begin in April 2018 after the game’s release.

To guarantee the buyout of KickCoin at this price - I, Petr Tsap, as the MoM project creator was first investor of KICKICO with 82 ETH at closed round.So, I already have enough KickCoins to make a ransom at the suggested price.

Do not miss this last chance before ICO to get KC with a bonus, supporting the first project on the platform!

We offer special terms, extra-discounts and bonuses for persons who will participate in this campaign:


KICKICO campaign goals.




The Project Team

We are professionals. The project team has 15 years of experience in implementing projects of various directions and complexity. "Magisters of Magic" is the embodiment of our dream of a free world living by its rules. We are steadily moving towards our goal of implementing a new look at strategies and stories for both single-player and multi-player game modes, combining them in one game seamlessly. Much has already been done and now it depends on you when the world will see the game.


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Peter Tsap
Author of the idea, game designer, server and client programmer
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Bogdan Shelyakin
3D artist
camp-fb.jpg person3.jpg
Vyacheslav Serkov
Screenwriter, game designer
camp-fb.jpg person4.jpg
Stanislav Ganiev
server programmer

Game Info

Do you like strategy?

We do!

Civilization, X-COM, Europa Universalis, Eador - all this games left a mark on our hearts for ever. Unfortunately, there are not so many strategies today that can surprise their audience with new gaming experiences. To correct this flaw we have combined well-proven game mechanics and our own ideas together.

So, let us introduce “Magisters of Magic”!

"Magisters of Magic" is a cross-platform online strategy that will be available on Steam and in the browser through WebGL. It is a continuously evolving, living universe, which is constantly updated by both developers and the players themselves. Each player affects the gameplay, and creates new worlds with their own rules. The game is a strategic manager, which combines such genres as: urban development, "rogue-lite RPG", 4X-strategy with the mechanics of global maps and asynchronous multiplayer.

Welcome to the shattered world, where the struggle for resources and power means a struggle for survival!


Features of "Magisters of Magic", which you will not find anywhere else

"Magisters of Magic" is a fundamentally new approach to the genre. Most of modern strategies have a purely secondary nature, repeating successful mechanics and in many ways aimed at selling rare resources, skills and knowledge within the game process. Our game develops the genre of strategies, bringing new opportunities for the sophisticated strategist, enriching with new and better game experience. There are some features that distinguish our game from everything that you can find on the market:


Each Piece of world is a separate sandbox that exists independently of others. Player can investigate them by studying local residents and participating in their politics. You can conquer the Pieces, getting the flow of resources for the development of yourself and your friends. A strong player can fight on many Pieces simultaneously. The player will be able to create his own Piece populated by the inhabitants, with its own history and characteristics, and to invite other players on it. It is possible to conduct both short matches for an hour and global campaigns for weeks and months on such “private” Pieces.. The system of ratings and statistics is individual for each Piece and allows you to see the contribution of each player into the victory.


Synchronization of single and multiplayer modes. The player has only one Guild for all the Pieces, so all the achievements of a single-player mode can be used in multiplayer and vice versa.


Heroes will be able to create families and dynasties, passing on their qualities to the heirs. But at the same time a Hero can die of old age or in a battle.


We are going to add the mechanics of slavery, sacrifices and abolitionism into the game. They will be used for the player's private Pieces (optional, at the player's option). The ruined world is not the place for pink snot and hairy ponies!


The Game Universe

The game takes place in a world devastated after the killing of the Gods, divided into Pieces of reality. Each Piece has its own characteristics - from the size and quantity of valuable resources in the subsoil, to a set of factions and creatures that inhabit it. You are a Magister - a higher creature, able to open portals between Pieces and move your servants between them (e.g. Heroes or monsters).

You can use Heroes to explore different pieces, eradicate their bloodthirsty inhabitants and also to involve them in large-scale wars for possessing multiplayer pieces.

The survived inhabitants of the former world are forced to rebuild their lives on the preserved Pieces. Tribes, clans, cities and even states need your services, offering a generous reward for solving their problems. The city needs protection from hordes of marauders? Destroy the orc camp? Or go down to Hell to kill Deep Crawler? Heroes will risk their lives and you will receive rewards.

On the other hand, the rivals-magisters may try to test the strength of your defense by sending troops of Heroes or monsters to attack your Guild occasionally. Strong walls and well-definded defensive tactics will not only be able to turn your enemies into flight, but also to capture them.

An uniuque gaming experience will be given to the Player by Polises. Polis is a separate city on multiplayer Piece. Every Magister is a citizen of the Polis he chooses. He pays taxes, obeys the laws and sends his Heroes into battles under the Polis banners. Managing the Polis is carried out by mayors and their entourage, elected among the citizens. The power in Polises, as a result of political struggle, can be captured by the Alliances or lonely Magister.


Game Process

The player enters the world where he will have to study new territories, resources, knowledge, seize and expand possessions, destroy enemies.

Resources and influence are the two basic concepts that shape this crazy world. Everything like in the real world. The whole game is built around resources: earn or grab, then sell, develop, strengthen your influence.

The most interesting thing in the game is its the unpredictable nature. The players form a series of events in the game themselves. For these purposes we envisaged the possibility of a large-scale social interaction between participants in the game process.

There are two key modes available:

Local, single-player mode, where player can train Heroes, accumulate resources and skills for external attacks;

External, multi-player mode, where the player can join the Alliances with other players , capture, destroy, enslave and exploit.

The player's goal: to get as much resources as possible to develop his Guild settlement, to open the most advanced technologies of magic and weapons, to be on top of individual ratings, and for those who like team play - to lead your own Alliance to domination and prosperity, exploiting captured Pieces of the broken world.

Local Context

In the local context, the focus is on building the Guild. The player has got an opportunity to build and develop the main castle of the Guild here.


Resources are needed for construction. If you do not have resources, then there are several options for you to get them:

Complete orders and quests;

Explore the territories of broken world;

Rob the NPC-dwellers and other players.


There are Heroes living in your Guild for these tasks. Each of them has his (or her) own character, can acquire a profession (training in the Guild) and can suddenly die for old age or on the battlefield.

Professions are purchased in a special building - “Training hall”. If you want to gain access to advanced abilities and skills, you have to put experience cards into the development of the profession, not only to improve the Training Hall.


Heroes fight better if they are healthy, fed by tasty food, well-armed and their morale is high. Food, medical care and equipment is provided by the Guild, while the Hero's morale is influenced by the Player's actions and in-game events.

Battles will occur on the battle scene. Here it is.

If the player wants his Heroes to defeat the enemy, he will have to collect the necessary party of fighters and then plan their actions in each phase of the battle (or apply tactics preset). After pressing the button "BATTLE" the game will calculate the result and show the player both a log and a final result. The enemy fighters can be captured and send to prison, forced to retreat or just get an advantage over them by slaughtering their forces.


Multi-player context

Player can fight with other players on special Pieces, which are special global maps. By clicking on the Piece, a player can see what's there of interest and what you can do with it.


Multiplayer is available to players who make the decision to endanger their. Guild by magical confrontation with other Magisters, and is presented in two versions.

Duels. A Magister can send a party of Heroes or a hired squad of the Pieces’ inhabitants to attack the Guild of another Magister. Battles for the Guild combine standard combat mechanics of the game including a choice of tactics for the attack side and mechanics, when the side of defense pre-configures the defensive line (traps, spells, protection). The winner receives reward and increases the position in the ranking.

War on the Pieces. To take part in the battles on the Piece, the Magister must accept the citizenship of one of the Polises placed on the multiplayer Piece. The Polis which will capture the majority of hexes on the map will be the winner. If the Polis is controlled by the Alliance, the assets of the Piece become the property of the Alliance. If the Polis is free - distributed among the top citizens of the Polis.

Participation in KICKONOMY

One of the main advantages of the game is the full-fledged participation in KICKONOMY. What does it mean?

The backers will receive an additional equivalent in KickCoins (the crypto currency of the KICKICO platform) for each donated unit of money in the project..

KickCoins can be spent in any project or game that has been (or will be) launched on the KICKICO website. Most important: a 50% lifelong discount for purchasing opportunities in our game using KC will be set for those users who will support our project now.

KC(KickCoins) can be spent to acquire resources in "Magisters of Magic":

— It will be possible to activate all the new races of Heroes when they are created.

— Create an Alliance that unites many Magisters for the sake of a global goal.

— In the free browser version, players will be able to buy gold using KickCoins, which will help to develop quickly.

— Only KickCoins will give the Player the access to the creation of their private Pieces, their landscape and settings, the ability to create their own quests and trials. The player can invite other players to his Pieces, arrange events, hold competitions between them, with unique game statistics for each Piece and campaigns on it.

Get more KickCoins together with Magisters of Magic!

The owner of the Piece and Creator of unique content has the right to set the price in KickCoins for access to it for other players and creators. This allows the players to get real profit from the creation of new values within the existing game world.